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    2006 CRF50 carburetor cleaning

    I believe this is the same as ebay except cheaper. http://zoomzoompartz.highwire.com/product/brand-new-carburetor-2006-honda-crf-50-dirt-pit-bike
  2. docbar85

    2006 CRF50 carburetor cleaning

    After taking the carb apart 6 or 7 times and getting the same problem I'm ready to cut my loses and buy another carb. Here is the one I'm looking at on ebay, can anyone give an opinion on it or some advice on an another one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carburetor-2006-HONDA-CRF50-Dirt-Bike-Carb-NEW-/190505950270?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item2c5b0a1c3e
  3. docbar85

    2006 CRF50 carburetor cleaning

    Got everything cleaned good, removed the d shaped screw and cut a slot in it for a flat blade screwdriver. The bike cranks without the choke on when its cold which is unusual. If you turn the choke on it cuts off. It runs like a two cylinder engine running on one cylinder. When you are accelerating it smooths out but as soon as you level out it starts back running rough. When I was cleaning the main jet, before I knew what it was, I may have got a little rough with it considering it was stopped completely up. This bike has never cranked cold without the choke on. I'm thinking I may have openned the main jet up some causing it to get too much gas. Any opinions
  4. The air/fuel adjustment on my carburetor appears to non-adjustable, its round with one flat spot on it. When cleaning this carburetor does this need to be removed and if so how? Can this be modified to be adjustable? If so, how? It seems a lot of people are having trouble cleaning out the idle jet (the small tube) due to its size. I have found a drill bit small enough with using a pin vise that clean this tube out nicely. If anyone is interested in the size let me know.