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  1. 04gixxer6

    Is a CRF450x a good bike for commuting

    Thanks. I started reading a bunch of the old posts about plating a CRF and think I'll find something else. I dont want to change the oil weekly and fill up the gas daily.
  2. Hi guys. I've riden a friends CRF450x on a MX track and know I like the bike. I'm thinking about looking at an 06 CRF450x that is set up for the street. I would be using it as a daily commuter about 50 miles round trip and would get up to 60mph. Does anyone see any issues with using the bike for that? I know the CRF's have small oil pans and I'm concerned I would be changing the oil to often or that I would always be to high in the RPM's to cruise at 60 mph. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. 04gixxer6

    New here, first bike, 03 YZ250F

    Welcome. I've always enjoyed the 03-05 years. I think they handle pretty well. I agree with everyone else. Check your suspension linkage and wheel bearings. The suspension linkage isnt fun to take out, clean and lube but it's worth it.
  4. 04gixxer6

    What parts are the same on a 250f and a 250?

    Thanks. Looks like the rear fender is different between the 2 and 4 strokes. Anyone know where I can get a WHITE plastic kit for my 05? Already checked Ebay, Motorcycle Superstore and Rocky Mountain.
  5. I'm just curious how much it the same between my 05 yz250f and any of the yz250's? Most specifically the plastics. But it would be nice to know whats the same for when im search around in ebay. I'm having a hard time finding white plastics for my 250f Thanks
  6. 04gixxer6

    Question for 03-05 YZ250f owners.

    Well thats good to know. The write up I read said to pull the lines and that frame strainer. Getting that darn strainer out is a giant PPITB. From now on I will just remove the filter cover and pull those two bolts. Thanks.
  7. I hate changing the oil on my 05. It's such a pain with all the oil lines. Does anyone make a kit that moves the oil storage from the frame to the engine? Or any kind of modification I can do so that oil changes are less of a pain? Thanks.
  8. 04gixxer6

    Bike vs quad animosity?

    I like quads but prefer my bikes. I do hate how quads tend to dry the track out and kick up a lot of dust. Also, it seems like people that ride quads are oblivious to the dirtbike behind them trying to pass. Most quads ride the middle of the track which is annoying. out of my way quad!!!
  9. 04gixxer6

    where can I buy oil filters online for cheap

    Great info. Thanks
  10. 04gixxer6

    YZ oil change questions!?!?!?

    As long as you got the majority of the oil out you should be fine.
  11. 04gixxer6

    where can I buy oil filters online for cheap

    Thanks for the input. I'll have to look into the reusable filters. I saw some stainless ones on Ebay. Any suggestions on what to look for in a good reusable filter? Thanks
  12. Went to my dealer and they were $10 a piece. Is there anywhere online I can get them cheaper individually or by the case? Thanks
  13. I'm thinking about picking up an 05 KX 250F for around $2000. I've seen some negative stuff in threads on here and was wondering if they are really that bad? Anyone that has owned one can you please tell me your experience with the bike. Thanks
  14. 04gixxer6

    700 2 stroke

    That is straight up insane. If it is 3 times faster then my YZ250 then you can count me out. Although, if you panic rev it in the air it probably has enough torque to bring the front wheel up real fast.
  15. 04gixxer6

    Broken Collar bone

    Thanks, so do you think I should leave the plate in there or have it removed?