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  1. Potato quality is from the original Youtube file size limit of 100mb
  2. Watch my video on carburetor jetting, it will help narrow down where your problem is, and how to go about fixing it. However that carburetor may not have a pilot circuit in this case the main jet and throttle blade is doing all the "adjusting" much like a lawn mower carburetor.
  3. Motorcycle carburetor jetting and operation explained!
  4. Good ideas! My list is not at all comprehensive, its just what I reasonably think I could carry in my back back on the trail. Oh and for those that don't want to watch the video (I understand) Here is a link to the the list of tools. Off Road Tools to carry list
  5. This is related more to offroad riding, rather than racing. But here are my bare minimums.
  6. Here is a good assortment of Off Road tool essentials to carry Full list here
  7. There is no "right" answer for your question. While we can make some generalities about OEM parts availability the answer truly lies within the specific model and specific part you are inquiring about. An example would be the Z50, that bike has its roots back to 60's, and has been revised and transformed into the CRF50 we all know and love, however that said dependent on specific year range and part in question parts may be obsolete even though the basic design and architecture has remained largely unchanged for nearly 40 years. Another factor is the production of the bike (obviously) low production or short lived models will be harder to find parts that are not obsolete as the years roll on unless it shares a lot of things in common with a higher production bike. I find a good amount of UJM's are like this.
  8. That is a compression release, usually used for easier starting (usually found more on big bore engines of the day) or engine braking into the corners or down hills. It is a period correct type of accessory. I have several bikes that I fitted them with. It is not a "stock" component. I have many pages on my website dedicated to restoration and vintage performance. Your welcome to ask me anything, preferably on my site as I will answer quicker than here, about resurrecting that bike. Here are links to 2 of my multi episode web series of videos showing the entire process. Barn Fresh vintage motorcycle restoration web series Vintage Motocross performance project tips and tricks series Here is a teaser
  9. Darn, well you have a rare frame and tank, but the wrong engine in it. That engine is a KD125 engine (common, not worth much) but the frame and tank are from the G31M Centurion which is a very desirable bike, and much more powerful with the original engine which tells me that the frame and engine were separated long ago. All is not lost as you have a miss-mash of parts turned into a flat track bike that is still worth putting together to ride, but is not worth much monetarily because it is missing the most important part.
  10. Looks like a G31M Centurion! Post up the engine and frame numbers and I can confirm it. Edit: engine covers are wrong for the G31M, however the tank looks like it is from the G31M