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  1. Did a little video on removing and doing a little polishing of the basket where the plates ride.
  2. thejunkman

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    My wife loves to ride!
  3. This is it. Basically a slight redesigned MC1M Like mine https://www.thejunkmanadv.com/kawasaki-mc1.html
  4. thejunkman

    PIT BIKE Tuning info

  5. thejunkman

    05 250 high idle when cold

    I go over this in some detail in my recent video.
  6. thejunkman

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    If you don't have a manual, how did you know what piston ring size to get or if your cylinder is within spec? Also how are you going to know what the ring gap should be? I would advise to get a manual.
  7. thejunkman


    I used Metal Rescue
  8. thejunkman

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    wdym? I don't know what that means. Different grits, or scratch depths produced by said grits vary based on the construction of the rings. Usually the ring manufacturer will specify the grit as well as it will be outlined in the service manual under the section about engine rebuilding. Example: Moly faced rings are typically finished with 400 grit while 280 grit is typically recommended for plain iron rings. Chrome rings can be 320 or 400. Also the cross hatch pattern is critical.
  9. thejunkman

    1974 Honda CT70 Honing stone grit

    Typically 280-400. It kind of depends on the type of rings you plan to use.
  10. thejunkman

    Hodaka Road Toad

    This video will help you narrow down your "spark" problems with some theory and some tests you can perform. First replace the points and condenser, that is likely your problem though. However to determine from the testing procedure in the video you will have to know the "Exciter" coil's proper spec, which is in the manual. I believe it is .6 ohms, but get the manual to confirm this!
  11. thejunkman

    1974 Yamaha dt100a enduro stalls...

    Sounds like you need to tweak either the main jet size or the jet needle clip position. However before that, make sure everything is clean inside the carburetor, meaning a dis-assembly is needed. It is possible there is a little bit of dirt or gunk partially blocking a passage. These videos may help understand what is going on. Pay particular attention to what is happening when the throttle begins to open.
  12. Yes. I ride and restore older bikes. See a few of them here https://www.thejunkmanadv.com/barn-fresh-restoration.html https://www.youtube.com/user/thejunkman
  13. thejunkman

    Ignition coil

    Here this video might help you determine if the coil itself is within spec to generate electrical current.