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    Dr. Mark Allumnus

    Bankart to repair torn Labrum from multiple dislocations done by local doc 11/06 in the land of fruits and nuts. Took over 6 months before i could get back on my bike. Messed it up again after a small get off....Flew to Houston 09/07 to get it fixed with Dr. Mark. I was his first out of town patient in his new facility. I was back trail riding with my son in 2 months...racing again in 3. Absolute best decision i ever made.... Jason
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    Dr. Marks procedure?

    As a recent patient of Dr. Marks, I've followed his instructions with my incision/cut as he mentioned above and it's healing perfectly. It seems like there are a lot of people getting staph infections lately. Most of my MMA buddy's have got it from the mats in our gyms. Thankfully they were diagnosed early and got on the right anti-biotics. And no matter how "clean" an ER or hospital looks, you will always have that in the back of your mind...especially if you know someone that has gone thru it already. my suggestion? Call Yvonne and set it up. I was in the operating room less than 2 weeks after my first call with Dr. Mark. Flew into Houston Sunday night..consultation Monday morning.....Surgery Monday afternoon.....Back home with the wife and daughter by Thursday evening. Here is what i posted last week in regards to my surgery with Dr. Mark: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=553793 Jason
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    I have a new job

    Just got back last week from having a bankhart repair at the new medical center. Everyone was really nice and very helpful, especially since I was from out of town. 2 weeks since surgery and the shoulder feels great, thx again Dr. Mark for fixing me up..... Jason
  4. Hey Everyone, This is my first post with ThumperTalk. I’ve been a member for awhile now, but didn’t have much to contribute until now. I just returned from Houston, where I was Dr. Sanders first out of state patient to have surgery at Vista Medical Center. I originally had surgery on my shoulder back in November with a local doc here in California. That’s another story for another time….But in short, had a small get off last month and landed on my shoulder. A week went by and I was starting to get some weird pain and swelling that I wasn’t used to. After getting the normal “sit and wait for 3 weeks, then do another MRI” from my local Ortho, I decided to send Dr. Sanders (DrMark) a PM for his opinion. I was caught off guard when he responded so quickly. Within 2 days of my first PM, we were on the phone discussing my situation and deciding that surgery was the only way to fix it correctly. I coordinated with Yvonne and Norma to setup a date for surgery and within 2 weeks of my first conversation with DrMark I was on a plane bound for Houston. I flew out Sunday night, met with DrMark Monday morning for consultation, and was in surgery by 1:30pm. I had PT Tuesday and Wednesday with Ed and back on a plane Thursday afternoon. My Bankhart surgery was done at the Vista medical center in Pasadena, Texas. It’s about 25 miles southeast of Twelve Oaks, where DrMarks office is currently located. Since I had family that flew in with me, we decided to drive ourselves instead of using a shuttle. Everyone at Vista was super nice. Things went so smooth it was like a dream. I couldn’t have been treated any better…it was that good. The day after surgery I met with DrMark back at his office in Twelve Oaks. I was a little swollen and sore, but NOTHING compared to my first surgery that I had in California. By the second day I was moving my arm, doing exercises with Ed and feeling great. It’s been a full week now since surgery and my wife, friends and co-workers cannot believe my results already, especially since they saw how bad I was after my first surgery. I cannot thank DrMark enough for helping me get my life back on track. I feel better today (one week after surgery) than I have in the past two years. I also want to thank Yvonne and Norma for all of their help while in Houston, as well as Ed who helped me get setup on a PT plan so I can get back to riding as soon as possible. Everyone on DrMarks staff as well as the Vista Medical staff made me feel right at home. Thank you so much for that. So, if there is anyone out there debating what they should do, maybe this post will help push you in the right direction to see DrMark...and get it done right, the first time. If anyone wants more information about my travels to Houston to see DrMark or my experience with a torn Labrum/shoulder dislocations/two Bankahrt repairs, etc etc etc…just give me a shout. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.......and I'll give you guys an update on my progess next month....as well as some post Op Pictures..... Jason 06 CRF450R 06 RM250