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  1. It was on my mind, i mean even hitting a jump i was kinda feeling like oh boy here we go.
  2. 5 weeks 4 days. physio went well. she told me all the ribs are tight and she had to get them to move again. that didn't hurt at all. no real pain just feels tight. went for a ride yesterday, i be lying if i said i wasnt nervous lol. once i got on the bike it felt good and the right hand just cracked it open lol.
  3. i was told that the breathing problems come from having the ribs hurt, so you breath shallow for a month and as you start to get better your breathing stays shallow. physio will help lppsen up the ribs and get me back on the bike asap lol
  4. into week 5 for me, starting to feel pretty good. Still tender in a couple of spots. Start physio next week. I been having trouble breathing. ohh and i can sneeze now
  5. i can feel it getting better everyday. still sore though. i can sleep for longer stints at a time. last night got about 9 hours of sleep. woke up on my side, not the hurt side but never sleep that way anyways. Can i ask how old you guys are, i'm 40 and old lol. im taking calcium and vitamin D.
  6. i am only 140lbs, it seems to cover my sides pretty good. they do come in different sizes.
  7. The one i had on when i crashed was more of just a roost protector. here is the new one i just bought. It fits well with my bionic neck brace. It will be 3 weeks soon, starting to feel alot better now.
  8. I was wearing a chest protector.
  9. Thanx for the info, yes laughing does suck lol. its been 2 weeks now and starting to feel alot better. 4 to 6 weeks heal time is ok. i am just going to see how i feel before i get back on the bike.
  10. Last week I had a crash and ended up with displaced fractures of ribs number 5, 6, 7. Didn't receive much info re heal time, etc... Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Good times ha ha ha ha ha ha
  12. Great pictures, Looking forward to seeing more
  13. Sweet pics The dunes can be a rough track for sure.
  14. Agreed You is a lucky guy fo sure