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  1. LongDuckDong

    99' RM250..... Graphics?

    Quad, I just went through the same thing you did for a 97' I just picked up. I bought 99'/00' Radiator shroud as well as all nex plastic and picked up a set of graphics off of Ebay. Has anyone tried to put 01-05 graphics on our older bikes yet? I wonder how much difference there is? BTW its a good idea to have a blow dryer on hand when applying the graphics, helps "form" the decal on some of the curves.
  2. LongDuckDong

    Graphics For A 97 RM 250??

    LOL....I had those on my Watch List and figured I could pick them up cheap. I wound up getting another set off of Ebay, wound up costing me $57 shipped Graphics I Bought There is a guy on Ebay right now that is parting out a 96' RM 250 with some pretty good prices on stuff. Here is a link to one of his auctions, click View Seller's Other Items. Don't outbid me on the air cleaner or the ignition cover! 96' RM 250 Parts
  3. LongDuckDong

    Graphics For A 97 RM 250??

    Thanks MX, I'll give that a shot, I was just getting ready to order new plastic for the bike, I'll just make sure I get the newer radiator shrouds. Still not a lot of graphic selection for the 96-00' bikes. Oh well.....
  4. LongDuckDong

    Graphics For A 97 RM 250??

    Where the heck can I find some? All the ones on Ebay seem to be for 01-05'. Has anyone tried to get 01-05' graphics to work on the older RM's?
  5. LongDuckDong

    Newbie Needs Some Advice

    My bad guys, sorry didn't realize it was the wrong forum....like I said I am a newbie I wound up buying the bike for $1,200, I cleaned it up today and it seems like I got a decent deal on the bike. Thanks for the advice, I will take my dumb-butt over to the 9 yr old pinger board now....
  6. LongDuckDong

    Newbie Needs Some Advice

    Lotsa great feedback.....thanks guys Dare I ask if a decal kit from a 01+ will fit with a few modifications on my 97?
  7. LongDuckDong

    Newbie Needs Some Advice

    I recently got the bug to buy a motocross bike. Its been quite a while since I had a motocross bike. Anyway I located a 97 RM250 for $1,500, looks pretty clean, has had several hundred dollars worth of maintenance on it recently and has about 50 hrs on it since the piston was replaced. Here are a few questions I have. 1 Does $1,500 seems like a deal ofr a clean 97' RM 250 or about the going price? 2 I live in California now, and I understand they have to get "green stickered". Is there any issue with getting this bike stickered? 3 Is the 97' RM250 prone to any specific problems or is there something I need to have checked out on it prior to buying it? Thanks for any and all help.