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  1. Quad, I just went through the same thing you did for a 97' I just picked up. I bought 99'/00' Radiator shroud as well as all nex plastic and picked up a set of graphics off of Ebay. Has anyone tried to put 01-05 graphics on our older bikes yet? I wonder how much difference there is? BTW its a good idea to have a blow dryer on hand when applying the graphics, helps "form" the decal on some of the curves.
  2. LOL....I had those on my Watch List and figured I could pick them up cheap. I wound up getting another set off of Ebay, wound up costing me $57 shipped Graphics I Bought There is a guy on Ebay right now that is parting out a 96' RM 250 with some pretty good prices on stuff. Here is a link to one of his auctions, click View Seller's Other Items. Don't outbid me on the air cleaner or the ignition cover! 96' RM 250 Parts
  3. Thanks MX, I'll give that a shot, I was just getting ready to order new plastic for the bike, I'll just make sure I get the newer radiator shrouds. Still not a lot of graphic selection for the 96-00' bikes. Oh well.....
  4. Where the heck can I find some? All the ones on Ebay seem to be for 01-05'. Has anyone tried to get 01-05' graphics to work on the older RM's?
  5. My bad guys, sorry didn't realize it was the wrong forum....like I said I am a newbie I wound up buying the bike for $1,200, I cleaned it up today and it seems like I got a decent deal on the bike. Thanks for the advice, I will take my dumb-butt over to the 9 yr old pinger board now....
  6. Lotsa great feedback.....thanks guys Dare I ask if a decal kit from a 01+ will fit with a few modifications on my 97?
  7. I recently got the bug to buy a motocross bike. Its been quite a while since I had a motocross bike. Anyway I located a 97 RM250 for $1,500, looks pretty clean, has had several hundred dollars worth of maintenance on it recently and has about 50 hrs on it since the piston was replaced. Here are a few questions I have. 1 Does $1,500 seems like a deal ofr a clean 97' RM 250 or about the going price? 2 I live in California now, and I understand they have to get "green stickered". Is there any issue with getting this bike stickered? 3 Is the 97' RM250 prone to any specific problems or is there something I need to have checked out on it prior to buying it? Thanks for any and all help.