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  1. Supercross

    It's pretty obvious Grant is just trying to get a better look at the developing ruts on the face of the jump.
  2. Supercross

    RC never changed anything, people just started appreciating who he was.
  3. Supercross

    Actually he sat out one of those races and Josh Hansen won.
  4. www.temeculamotorsports.com
  5. Buy ATV Bars
  6. Set the carb in a pan and soak it good in some oil eater mixed with some water to dilute it, then make sure you dry it very well.
  7. Need to know the correct cc' for it. Or if anyone knows the formula for finding it out. I am rebuilding some forks for a project, and am going to be ordering some springs soon, so would like to know!
  8. Having problems with my bike. It runs when starts, although doesn't want to start without choke, hot or cold, and has a hesitation at very first twist of throttle. Is this a leak jet problem or a Pilot problem? couldn't be a pilot, as it is already a few sizes bigger.
  9. Try buying an aftermarket exhaust.
  10. Even the motor has been beefed up a bit.
  11. With an aftermarket exhaust, and air filter kit, I have found a 20 pilot and a 117.5 main to be the ticket.
  12. I had the BBR springs for a while, I loved them, but Cannon can get springs to your spec.
  13. We have a search forum, I believe this has been asked before.
  14. One stipulation is I live in California. It's always good to get many jets, you can often pick up a jetting kit at your local bike shop, our even our TT Store. A good baseline: 20-25 pilot 140-160 main Mikuni Q4 Needle But it's all up to if you want to experiment with the various jet's. remember if it bogs it's too rich and if it pops it's too lean, and different jets work at different throttle twists.
  15. Buy a yz80 Carb.