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  1. Hey everyone. Well like I said Idk when I'll be getting the bike. I'm kinda stuck between an sv650 or just stepping up to the cbr600. I'll be taking the MSF course here in the near future before I even get a bike, so that will may affect my choice as well. Just gotta see how things work out I guess....and I also have to find a place around here that sells 2 piece suits...everywhere here just sells icon crap and HJC. Pretty much all the "flashy" stuff that all the people buy who know nothing about the gear.
  2. A liter bike at my age? Whew, i cant even imagine what insurance would be on that. Especially if it was something like an R1...haha I think the insurance people would just laugh in my face if I tried to do that.
  3. Just saw the Scorpion Exo-1000's that just came out and they are sweet. I think I'll get one of those instead. Although, Now I'm stuck between Gloss Black or Flat Black. http://shopping.scorpionusa.com/C55D9C025BA44D11A3713BF0D546303C.asp?cat_id=FBF05AC4DB8843C1B0FF76893F5540D5&pcs_key=F96867DA3C0E42C9ACC818055864F411&retpage=%2FF4BD78EED51D4762989F1184B1165B96%2Easp&nm=Solid+1000&spath=&path=Home+%3E+Equipment+%3E+Helmets+%3E+Street+Helmets&sc_id=796EEFA695AE44D0A1482A1216DFB11C
  4. Lol, this seems to have just turned into one big argument. Well I'm still not sure on what bike to get. I havnt really been looking at bikes as much as gear lately. I plan on taking the MSF course soon, before I even get a bike. Here in cali its through the CHP so, not only will I be taking the MSF course, but it will also satisfy the requirement for me to get a license. I looked on the site and didnt see anywhere about needing a bike, so I've opted to go ahead and take that first. Havn't signed up or anything yet though since my schedule has been crraazy:bonk: . Well, been looking at gear like I said. I'm pretty set on getting a Scorpion Exo-700 helmet. And as I'm typing this realized that I'm gonna need to decide on a bike at least before the course since I need to have a helmet...and helmet color will be based on bike color. Shoot, thought I could get away without deciding on one for a little bit. Also found the Joe Rocket GPX Type R 2 piece suit that seems to be pretty good. What are everyones thoughts on this? As for gloves I was thinking of going with alpinestars, havnt really decided on exactly what pair I'll get. Shoes, I'm pretty set on the Alpinestars S-MX shoes. I like that they have the tech10 buckle on them.
  5. That is one sexy bike. I love the pearl white / silver combo. Although I went down to the Honda place about 20 mins away, and they said they wouldnt even be able order one of those since the factory is even outta them I guess. Its a shame cause thats a nice bike. Idk what I'm gonna do.
  6. Well just so everyone knows, I will be taking the MSF course sometime after getting the bike. I've been thinking for gear of getting something like a Scorpion Exo 700 helmet, Alpinestars octane shoes, sp2 gauntlet style gloves, and airflow textile pants. I haven't yet decided on a jacket though since that will probably be dependent of the color scheme I choose for the bike...I was thinking of either going with A-stars leather or Joe Rocket leather. Looked at getting Dainese but it is just plain expensive.
  7. Alright everyone, thanks for the replies. I am back to looking at sv-650's, or possibly a ducati monster if theres any dealers around here. I will just have to get a full fairing kit for it. One of the other things I didnt like about the SV's was that they dont have that street bike "sound"...but I guess I'll just live without it for now. Onto gear for when I purchase the bike. I saw at the local Suzi. Place that they have the Icon Domain Solid Helmet that looked good. I think the only other brand they had was HJC or something. What does everyone here think of that helmet? http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/product_family.asp?family%5Fid=13628&gift=False&0=dept%2Easp%2Cdept%5Fid%3D349%26menu%5Fid%3D%26Tree%3D%2CStreet%20Helmets&1=dept%2Easp%2Cdept%5Fid%3D2009%26menu%5Fid%3D%26Tree%3D0%2CIcon%20Helmets&2=dept%2Easp%2Cdept%5Fid%3D4698%26menu%5Fid%3D%26Tree%3D1%2CIcon%20Domain%20Helmets&mscssid=B6885643538D4846B911599FB0A4CC19 Also for a leather jacket. what would you recommend? they had a few there, but I dont remember what kind or brands. I think they had a few alpinestars, but not much. Gloves I was thinking of getting Alpinestars as well. Also I am considering buying the Alpinestars S-MX shoes. Anyone have experience with these? I have no clue as to what to get for pants yet, and am open to suggestions.
  8. Thanks for the info. Man do I get my fair share of conflicting opinions. I am only 5' 10"...so being too tall won't be a factor. I realize that I won't really be "saving" any money by having a bike, I just love being on 2 wheels period, even when its just cruising around at 35 in town. It will definitely not be my only mode of transportation. If I had to depend on one or the other I would be getting a car. I won't be riding the bike everyday, and will mostly just be riding around town and such with a few friends I know that have them. The possibility for longer trips is there, and that is why I am emphasizing comfort. I know I still have to go and actually sit on the bikes myself to see how they feel, but opinions are still good. I have heard that CBR's tend to get a little uncomfortable.
  9. Hey everyone. I've been doing a lot of research and stuff lately as I am in the market for a street bike. Since I know everyone will ask, yes, I am 17 turning 18 this month with about 3 years of dirt bike experience. I know everyone says to start with a smaller bike and stuff...but the 600cc bikes are really appealing to me. I know some people will say that I'm gonna kill myself having too much power under me, but I also started dirtbiking on a YZ-250, and everyone said the same then. I love my bike, and have had no serious accidents. I'm not the type of person to really push the limits on things. I go at my own pace despite the influences around me, and am very cautious. My driving experience is also more than average. This summer alone I did probably 15,000 miles traveling for work and such. From what people have told me, and comparison to others, I am a very good driver in general with zero accidents. I was originally looking at the SV-650 mainly because of its popular choice among beginner street riders, but it just doesn't appeal me the same way the other bikes do. I refuse to purchase something that I feel unhappy with. My friend owns a yamaha R6 that is really nice. I've ridden it a couple of times, nothing over 55. It seemed to handle well, and was comfortable (from what I remember). I think I was concentrating so much on riding it, that I didnt pay attention to the other details like comfort. After riding that, and looking at various 600cc class bikes, I came across the gsxr 600 which seemed to be a good bike. I wasn't even going to make a post on the subject until tonight since it seems to be pretty redundant. Told another person I know who is planning on purchasing a cbr600 soon about my considerations on the gixxer 600, and pretty much got shot down. This is what prompted me to go ahead and post anyways. I figured now I might as well get everyone's perspective on all the different bikes available. I'm trying to remember what he said, and it may have been complete BS, but I think it was something about how he didnt like the aluminum heads, and then went on to say something about the valves, and also how its hard to keep the front end down. I kinda stopped listening at that point and decided I would go to people who seem to have trustworthy opinions - my fellow TT people . Ok, so, I'm not looking for best performance in this class of bike, since it will be for street. I will be using it for pleasure and the occasional commute across town to the college. I plan on taking longer rides every once in a while, some lasting up to about 4 hours. SO, comfort is important. I also want something known for quality and durability. I was planning on staying in the 600cc class, mainly because larger than that seems pointless, not only power-wise, but financially with insurance and stuff. Just so everyone knows, I will also be purchasing a shoei helmet, probably alpinestars leather jacket, and riding boots, and possibly pants. Recommendations on this gear is also appreciated. I don't want to skimp on the safety gear one bit. Thanks for your time just in reading this, and I appreciate everyones opinions, and the time taken to type them up as I know it can be a little tedious sometimes.
  10. LOL...I was about to say the exact same thing...beat me to it
  11. Suggestions please? The purpose of the essay is to just cram as much imagery as possible in it. My professor doesnt even really want any sort of intro or concusion to it. I have time to make changes, and am willing to listen to any advice. He pointed out that I should add some more details to the bike, so I will probably be doing that as well. Knew there was something else in there I was forgetting... I will have to add that in somewhere thanks.
  12. English 101...first paper of many...this is a short easy one, I wish they could all be like this one lol.
  13. Well, just wrote a short paper about riding. Basically the point of the essay was to create as much imagery as possible to stimulate different sensual feelings, IE. either touch, seeing, smelling, etc. We couldnt use any editorial words such as beautiful, gorgeous, etc. It's actually pretty interesting, because I honestly dont think that I have ever written this way. I normally just go straight to those editorial words. Just thought I'd share, its only supposed to be a page long, so I tried to keep it short, even though I could have gone longer. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I just did this in the last 3 hours, and the first draft is due tommorow. Thanks a lot. Also just might be a good read for some people.
  14. ooo dont think I like those white tires...maybe I'm just a fan of dark colors
  15. I'd say stay away from a lot of sugars (including high fructose corn syrup, etc.) whole wheat or whole grain bread(be careful and look at the ingredients for those pesky sugars). All natural peanut butter. Cottage cheese for your last snack of the day before bed since it has caesin protein, which is a slow digesting protein that stays in your body longer, which is good since you are fasting for 6-8 hours while sleep. Reduce meal sizes and include more snacks, so you have 3 meals, and 3 snacks during the day w/ controlled portions Just a few suggestions to be used w/ the ones listed in above posts. Organize a diet plan that works for you, and you will be happy. Good Luck
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