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  1. RHanson94

    crf 88 VS. klx 110

    I've got a stock KLX110L (stock airbox, exhaust, etc...) and it definitely "feels" more powerful than my 50 with a TB 88 racehead. The 110L comes stock with a manual clutch and does not have the centrifugal clutch mounted on the crank so that probably makes a little difference.
  2. RHanson94

    No Ride For Metty?

    I doubt it. Even with Stewart crashing all the time and missing 6 races, he still won a couple races and beat Metcalfe in the points by one. Metcalfe made all the races too. http://supercross.com/2012-supercross-450-season-points/
  3. RHanson94

    Cracked motor mount pic, how to fix?

    I agree with this guy. And when you go to sell the bike and the potential buyer sees welded motor mounts, it's probably going to be a deal breaker.
  4. RHanson94

    2005 crf450r good?

    I had an 05 and now have an 06 and can't really tell a difference. I'm a slow MX rider though.
  5. RHanson94

    Ideas? New cam chain and tensions, already loose?

    There is nothing wrong with OEM cam chains. If you have actually measured your cam chain with 3 or 4 hours and compared the dimensions to another cam chain and it has stretched, I'd consider that an isolated incident unless there is something else going on. Are you saying you can compress the tensioner by hand or you can install it fully extended and it does not have much tension? Do you have both of the chain guides in there? If the previous owner left mystery pieces in the motor when he worked on it, there's a good chance he did not put all of the parts back in it.
  6. RHanson94

    Will Dungey get a perfect outdoor season?

    Well, if we are going to base next season off of what happened in the past, I guess now would be a good time to bring up that Stewart is the only person other than Ricky Carmichael to go 24 for 24 in outdoors. No one is going to have a perfect season this year.
  7. RHanson94

    Crf 450r leaking gas

    It could be the o-rings on the brass piece that your fuel line from the tank attaches to. I've had those mess up from time to time. Sometimes you can take it apart, clean/grease them and put it back together. You may have to replace the o-rings though. You can get them from a hardware store for $1 or pay about $15 for three o-rings if you buy them from Honda.
  8. RHanson94

    Cases bolt torque values question?

    7 ft*lbs (84 in*lbs) dry threads. And oakhillbiker is correct. That amount of torque is not much at all. Sometimes when I snug up my bolts with a 1/4" ratchet and then go over them with the torque wrench, they are already at 7 ft*lbs. An in*lb torque wrench will be more accurate. I haven't gotten bit by using my ft*lbs torque wrench yet though.
  9. The cam sprocket has to be unbolted from the cam. Have you removed the cam chain tensioner? You do not have to take the stator cover off. I may be wrong but it sounds like this is your first time. One thing to watch out for when you start to lift the cam carrier is that the valve shims will sometimes stick in the "bucket" in the carrier and as soon as the shim sees that it can jump and make it into the cam chain hole along the side of the cylinder, that's what it will do. Then you probably have to remove the stator cover to get the shim back.
  10. RHanson94

    Cases bolt torque values question?

    I've always used 7 ft*lbs on them.
  11. RHanson94

    Pics of Your 450....

    They probably have to go into some type of catch can along with the radiator overflow so there is no fuel, coolant, or oil leaking onto the track.
  12. I was gonna say because there's AC inside but noticed he's in Canada.
  13. RHanson94

    2008 CRF 450 ticking

    It's not adjustable unless you have an aftermarket tensioner. My 05 CRF made a ticking sound once it warmed up. I replaced the cam chain tensioner with a new stock one and it still made the ticking sound. When I put an 04 CRF cam in my TRX quad, my quad started making the same ticking sounds. The valves and decompressor arm were in spec.
  14. I've had good luck with the Tusk holder in the past.
  15. RHanson94

    05 yz250

    I say good move on passing on it unless it was dirt cheap. It sounds like he' been riding it with the broken shaft after he bump starts it. No telling what else is messed up in there.