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  1. yes you guys were right. i tried the kit out yesterday at the track and my bike was flawless! throttle was very responsive and the bike seemed to have more power and a longer powerband. i am very impressed with the difference great jetting can make for a bike...
  2. i bought a jd jet kit for my 08 kx450f and received it today. i was going through the instructions and it says to use the the supplied red needle for my conditions with the clip 5 slots down from the top and a 180main jet for my conditions because im at sea level (florida). the stock jetting for this bike is a NCV-R needle (i dont know what size the JD jetkit needle is...doesnt say) with the clip at fourth down from the top and a 175 main jet. if im not wrong the jet they want me to put in is 5 sizes bigger than the stock one provided and the needle clip is down one slot which raises the needle for more fuel. so the needle is higher for more fuel output annnnd the main jet is 5 sizes bigger? to me this sounds extremely rich...does anyone think this is wrong? thanks for the input in advance...
  3. i did a search but found nothing for an 08 kx450 jetting with a full procircuit exhaust...do u think you guys can help me out please?
  4. RobV_29

    JD Jet kit for 08 kx450?

    just wondering if anyone has had any improvements adding this kit to their 08 kx450f?...
  5. RobV_29

    08 kx450 will not idle

    i have noticed it backfires at the first start up in the morning, i like to let the bike warm up for about a minute before the first ride with the choke on for 30 seconds and then off for the next 30 seconds. during that whole period it has periodical backfires...ill check the hot start situation and see if any of that is causing it, thanks for the reply. ill check it tonight and update the situation later...
  6. RobV_29

    08 kx450 will not idle

    my bike will not idle....i have to turn the idle up slightly high inorder to make it idle, its annoying because its noticeably louder. i cleaned the pilot jet and the main jet and this problem still continues. maybe its the float needle or leak jet? but while im on the track ripping it the bike acts normal except that it backfires occasionally during hard deceleration, any ideas guys? i dont really want to remove the carb cuz we all know how much of a pain it is to get the carb out of that cramped spot...
  7. RobV_29

    Cracked header pipe on my KX450F

    anybody in this area have a header pipe for a kx450F mine cracked recently and i need one for THIS weekend, any help would be greatly appreciated! it cracked on the last lap of my race this past weekend at Seminole...
  8. anybody in the south east florida area have a header pipe for a kx450F mine cracked bad recently and i need one for THIS weekend, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. RobV_29

    Left Fork is leaking on brand new KX450F

    yea i dont strap the bike down hard at all...probably not enough lol. but yea when i had the seals replaced on both front forks because i thought if i was doing one i might as well do the other. i replaced them with factory connection seals and it still contiued to leak. its just really frustrating. i just had the suspension done for my weight and riding ability and the suspension is sooooo much better. willie manning inc. (WMI) did it and the suspension is so much better for me. stock suspension just cant handle when obstacles come at it fast the the stroke is so much better. it just sucks that my left fork has a minor leak and after repeated trys at fixing it doesnt work. i should be getting an answer from kawi monday when my service advisor calls me back.
  10. RobV_29

    Left Fork is leaking on brand new KX450F

    oh sorry i left out some details. after the first day of seeing the seals leaking i thought maybe i did something. so about 2 weeks after that i had my seals replaced and the same day of riding the bike at the track the brand new seals still leaked. so i dont know, maybe the forks are out of round or something. they only leak when the bike is stationary and you push down on the forks or when u strap the bike down to go the the track and then unstrap it. it doesnt leak at all during riding, i pulled off the track a couple of times to check to see if the seals were leaking and the werent. its something about slow speed travel that is giving this left fork a problem with sealing...
  11. since day one i rode my bike i noticed the left fork has a leak. i dont know why and it really puzzles me that a bike with not even an hour on the bike has a leaky seal. i have the bike at the shop now and i HOPE that kawasaki covers this under warranty....has anybody ever heard of this happening or why?
  12. RobV_29

    Just dropped my suspnsion off at WMI

    yea thats true, but it just makes it that much better when its revalved and set up for you
  13. RobV_29

    Just dropped my suspnsion off at WMI

    yea but no matter what fork u have it gets way better when it is set up for your riding skill, style and weight. the ride is so much more plusher and it corners and sticks way better.
  14. RobV_29

    Anybody have the part # for a 55 leak jet

    the fuel mixture screw has nothing to do with the accelerator pump jet (aka leak jet). yes it makes a difference when u change it. it comes a little rich from the factory, so it will be a little more snappier with the 55 leak jet.
  15. i left my suspension to be done at WMI (willie manning racing). he's the guy that does the butler bros. racing suspension. all i have heard about his suspension are great things so im gonna give the guy a try. seems like a great guy and was very helpful with the whole deal so far. ill let u guys know how it turns out i should have the suspenion back by friday...