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  1. Has anyone built an engine with a 290cc kit with a GYTR head? I have been running the GYTR head and am thinking about adding the big bore kit, should not be an issue right?
  2. I am still making it better but here it is for now. 2013 model.
  3. Hey are you happy with the power with the Athena big bore kit? assume its a 290? any other enginge mods to go with it?
  4. Wow the blue and white graphics look cool!!!! What a well organized garage or shop also!!!
  5. The shock resevoir along with other parts with the gold foil is just from a sheet of that high temp heat reflective material you can buy and it just sticks on. The diamond plating is also stick on from auto accessorices stores. It really holds up well, the swingarms lasted a full race year I put new stuff on the areas where the boots wear into it. Put race tech valving in also this time looking forward to riding it and get the suspension dialed in. Sorry to hurt your eyes!!!!
  6. Bike is holding up nice, looking forward to another good race year!!!
  7. I used black and yellow eFX sheets of and cut them out and stuck them on then added the small stickers, it took a little time as you can imagine but not too bad.
  8. MY 2006 YZ250F in vintage colors:
  9. I just rebuilt the topend of my 2006 YZ250f, put a new J&E High comp piston in it and new Cometic head gasket, seems to have a small oil leak just above the timing chain tensioner??? Has anyone run across this, any recommendations to fix? The bike runs great and fires up on the first kick.Not sure how there could be that much pressure there to force oil out as it appears to be at the junction of just the timing chain area? Any ideas appreciated? Hate to tear the top end down again if I don't have to, thanks
  10. shickle

    Feeler Gauge???

    Does anyone have any tips as to where to find some narrow feeler guages that can get to that middle intake valve? To check the clearances? some that are even angled at the tips would be great!!! Appreciate the help!!!
  11. shickle

    Hot Cams

    Thanks guys for all the help, I am ready to tackle this puppy this week!!!!
  12. shickle

    Hot Cams

    Getting ready to change out my cams to some new Stage 1 Hot Cams on my 2006 YZ250f, any words of advice? Anything special to watch out for? Will be just following my trusty OEM Service Manual. Any help appreciated. Anyone do this? have to make any carb setting changes? Thanks
  13. shickle

    06 Forks, funny noise, normal?

    I hate to admit this but one time I put the wheel spacers on the wrong side and it seems to spin freely but made this clicking sound, changed the spacers around and whalla that was the ticket. Just thought I would mention this. Good luck!!!
  14. shickle

    Asterisk Cell knee braces

    Appreciate the help will see how they feel this weekend!!!
  15. shickle

    Asterisk Cell knee braces

    Was just looking to see what kind of initial set up information there was for these? I tried them on and they seem to fit comfortably but notice there are adjustments on them? I guess what are the key things to look for when they are on to see if they are set up to provide the most protection is what I am looking for. I probably should have just spent the extra money and got some new ones. I picked these up on Ebay for $390.00 and they look in great condition. Thanks for the help!!!!