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  1. Thanks guys I will give that a try.
  2. Eddie I wanted to tell you thank you. I looked around my work area and I happen to find a jet that got blown out. Took the carb apart added all the parts and viola it works great. Damn I must be getting old. Thanks again. Your saying no way on the smaller jet. What do you suggest to tune that off idle hesitation out? Should I just keep playing with different screw adjustment combinations? I swear the kids bikes are harder to work on then mine Your signature mentions Excel. Is that Excel Yamaha on Colfax??
  3. Hey folks I need a little help. I am working on my kids stock 2005 CRF 80. The bike has a little bog off idle so I'm thinking of going a little leaner on the slow jet to make it a bit snappier. I tried to adjust the screws to correct the problem but, didnt help. So I took the carb off the bike and pulled the fuel bowl to check the jet number to order another. Next size down is like a week or so away. While the carb is apart I cleaned it out, sprayed all down with carb cleaner and blew out all the orfices. Then wrote down jet numbers and put back together the way it came apart without making any adjustments. I put the bike back together. I went out and bought an aftermarket air filter thinking it would flow a little better than stock and lean the bike out a touch to help while waiting for the new jet. Well, this is where the problem is. I start the bike and it starts fine as long as I am on the throttle. The bike now will only start, idle, or run if the throttle is about 1/8 to 1/4 or more. If I try adjusting the idle screw it makes no difference whether it is all the way in or out. The air fuel screw doesn't affect anything if it is turned all the way in or out either. I thought maybe the new air filter somehow caused a problem, so I put the stock filter back in and it acts identical. Both filters are clean with fresh filter oil. After all this I took the carb back apart to double check everything and as far as I can tell, all is okay. This is killing me because I can't figure this out. Any help would be much appreciated. Just a note this isn't my first adventure in a carb. I have had numerous ones apart in the past cleaning, jetting, or rebuilding and have never run into this issue.
  4. flagg

    My first Honda crf250r, Help!

    If you just got it from a dealer I don't see why you can't take it back and question the no start issue and let them figure it out.
  5. flagg

    best place to buy exhaust?(jardine rt-four)

    http://www.pipecity.com/Search/CategorySearch.cfm/_1/Dirt/_2/Yamaha/_3/YZ426F/IP/1_4_0_0 These guys are right down the street from me. I have bought stuff for my street bikes and now will buy all I can for my dirtbike. These guys know motorcycles ( road racers and ride in the dirt ) and have excellent customer service. Ask for Kyle in sales, tell him Scott sent you his way he will take care of you. Today they mentioned to me about a special on a full Muzzy system you might inquire about that also.