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  1. What happened to all the talk about RC going to NASCAR? Could it be that he tested and it wasn't as easy as people thought it is to drive in circles?
  2. I never go over 12 psi,usually 11 front-10 back
  3. I dilute my simple green,does anyone else?
  4. I am pretty sure that they cover racing.I use to race cars and I was covered. Most of my friends got a policy after they saw the money I got when I got hurt. As dangerous as this sport is, it is almost crazy not to get covered.
  5. Combined www.combined.com 1-800-225-4500. I have a policy with them,saved me when I broke my wrist. only $20.oo a month.
  6. I was told by a pro yamaha rider that they were having trouble with 2nd and 3rd gear busting .Has anyone on here had trouble with theres.Mine seems to be ok, but I only have around 10 hrs on it.
  7. Thats the only kind I wear, I will probally try a set of Tech 10's next.I have nothing bad to say about the 8's. Get a pair, you want be sorry.
  8. Thats right, I am not sure if I will use mine anymore.
  9. I bought one after breaking my scafoid. I liked it untill I fell on that hand again.Broke two bones in hand where the cti stops just behind knuckles. Had to have another surgury to repair, two pins at each break.
  10. I crashed my bike yesterday and ruined my exhaust. All I want to put on is a slip-on,already has plenty of power. I am looking for a slip-on that is not too loud,close to stock. Thinking about the FMF 4.1. I could always add a mega bomb later. Thanks for any help,did a search but didnt come up with much.
  11. I just got a new 450 . Is everyone running the stock gears or changing. I am thinking about trying a 51 rear.Motocross only. This is my first 4-stroke, maybe I just need to get use to it.
  12. Alpineststars, can go wrong
  13. OLN is back on my dish network
  14. Be sure to check out Turkey Creek!
  15. Buy a very cheap used bike then when he gets use to it get him a little bigger and newer one. You will be surprized how fast kids outgrow there bikes.My kid is seven and is own his fourth one,kx65.