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  1. ok i have completely cleaned the carb and i have replaced the plug and its is still (for lack of a better term) a bitch to start. When it is running it will flat out fly no popping from being lean or anything. whats up? if i cut the grey wire at that point do i have to change it to YZ timing?
  2. bluebike- thanks really helpful it really drips fuel out of the carb what does this mean is wrong any ideas?
  3. david- yeah it drips gas out of one of the tubes coming out of the carb what does that mean?
  4. and can someone link/tell me how to change to yz timing?
  5. thank you all for the help i will check the valves today
  6. bluebike thank you, yes i do use my hotstart botton and it doesn't help any Dan not
  7. hey im new to the big bore 4 strokes. i have a 2001 WR 400F and it will fire right up when its cold but after it warms up and i ride it for a little bit i can't kickstart it to save my life it will roll start no problem temp.- 30-50 elevation-2900-3500