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  1. I'm 43 and ride harder and fly farther than I did 20 years ago
  2. mxd-nuts

    Rear Wheel Question

    I had a 19 inch on my 01.I only noticed a differance at high speeds.I seemed to have more headshake at wide open speeds across the desert.I sold the old bike and bought a new 450,kept the 19 inch wheel and was hoping to mount a paddle up for Sand Mountain.
  3. mxd-nuts

    Throttle slide q's

    Never mind the 911 on the throttle slide it was so simple to fix I feel like a dummy
  4. mxd-nuts

    Throttle slide q's

    I pulled my throttle slide up to far while putting a new needle in my 06 450.How do I get the slide to go back down to get the top of the carb back on.
  5. mxd-nuts

    where to ride? Reno-Carson area

    There's a nice area to ride on the east side of Washoe Valley called Jumbo Grade.It has a nice gravel staging area with maps and a pit toilet.I hav'nt rode that much of the area,but it looks to be more family orientated.Lots of trails and a few good mx tracks.Did find one nasty hill climb that had me puckerd up coming back down in the mud