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  1. Does anyone make an aftermarket gas cap to fit the DR200? I have a 2000 that we just got back in perfect shape. The stock gas cap is a bich to get off. The key seems to have issues and a new cap is up to $100 for an OEM with key. I don't care about the locking cap. Thanks
  2. Before we make any changes we have to find out if we can get it street legal in Virginia. I had asked the guy who bought it about jetting and he said the dealer said that the pipe was not going to be a factor. I find that hard to believe since the bike is jetted so lean already. I looked at BBR web site and I don't think I saw anything that talked about re-jetting with their pipe. Do they include anything in the installation instructions about re-jetting?
  3. I showed up at home after a trip to NC and on the trailer was another bike. My wife started to ask questions. (Never a good sign in my house.) After a few minutes, it was explained to me that I am somewhat untruthful. The only reply that I was able to add was that I am not untruthful but that she doesn't ask the right questions. She pointed out that I now have 5 bikes at the house, maybe I do have issues after all. This was bought by a sixty year old guy that rode his grandaughter around the yard for about 15 minutes. He got it in the fall of 2007, it was a leftover 2006, added a BBR pipe, BBR ignition, K&N filter, Moose aluminum bars - risers, bark busters, and PG graphics. I think it was a good deal at $2500. Bike is beyond clean. The only wear on the tires is from us this week on the road playing around. I have tried to read all the posts about making it street legal. I had the original buyer apply for a MSO from the dealer. I am going to try and get a VA title before I dual sport it. In VA we have to have F/R lights, High/Low with a Hight Beam Indicator and a Horn. We don't have to have turn signals and I am not 100% sure about the speedometer and odometer. We have 3 other dual sport bikes but this one is what I want to ride around town. My 3 sons agree after playing with it on our street.
  4. The bike is so new, I would give it some more time. Transmissions seem to get smoother as they get some miles on them. The same goes for a clutch, an adjustment needed this soon is no big deal. (You seem to say you are getting back into riding, you may be a little harder on the clutch than others.) As far as being normal, I have had HD to Ducati and about every mfg except Kaw and each bike has it's own little quirks about finding neutral or sitting at a light and going into first. I think of all my bikes, the K75 BMW was bullet proof. With 28K miles the transmission worked like butter and was not close to being worn out - clutch included.
  5. Will the optional rack off the CRF230L work on the F model? I keep reading that the bikes are similar yet different on the frame dimensions. Is that true? Thanks for any feedback.