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  1. barklynt

    KTM 300 - two ignition maps?

    post may be a litttle late but i used the wr light switch only cost $20 and works / looks great theres not a massive power difference or i should say there is not power gain just different delivery, the power band comes on a little harder it just seems to rev a little quicker. still cool to use!!!
  2. barklynt

    is shock screwed??

    my son has a motovert 110, when I push the seat down and compress the shock and let it go it shoots up and clunks like the shock isn't working at all, it's all spring. I took it off and opened it up, there was no oil in it is there supose to be?? sorry i've never played with shocks so these questions my sound very newbie.
  3. barklynt

    questions on the 07 motovert 110.

    thanks heaps fellas i'll check out that site
  4. barklynt

    KTM 2 strokes past 2007 ?

    I just bought a 07 300 exc from the biggest ktm dealer in Australia, he told me they have sold heaps of 2 strokes. He seems to think they are coming back..... well at least in the enduro side of things.
  5. barklynt

    questions on the 07 motovert 110.

    I bought a 07 motovert 110 for my son and notice that after a while of riding the thing seems to get very hot is this normal ? if not is there n e thing i can do? also i think the air filter sucks, what do you do with the thing when washing the bike? should the filter be oiled?? are there any must do mods? not after nasty replies i realize I'm very new to the pit bike world. any advice is appreciated. thanks heaps in advance.
  6. barklynt

    taming the yz 85 ??

    thanks for the advice. what do you suggest?? I checked out the crf 150 but they are way to heavy I dunno but the ttr 125 may get boring after a while. pit bike ?? dunno again.
  7. barklynt

    taming the yz 85 ??

    how much did that change it??? How big is he? My son learned on a TT-R125 for a year at age 11 and I bought him the YZ when the '06 came out last November. He is about 5' tall. Took him about a week (riding every other day or so) to get used to it. not sure how tall, an average slim 10 yr old.
  8. barklynt

    taming the yz 85 ??

    ahh oh would the 65 be tall enough ?? are they taller than the jr80?? thanks.
  9. barklynt

    taming the yz 85 ??

    just curious I'm about to buy my son another bike his last bike was a jr80 and i was wanting to get him a yz85, yeah a huge step. he isn't a really ballsy go nuts kid and am worried the bike will intimidate him and make him not wanna ride. i have tried to talk him outta that decision into maybe a ttr125 or crf150. maybe even a pit bike but he is dead keen on one is there anything you can do to settle the beast down maybe a fww???
  10. barklynt

    looking for riding buddys S/E QLD OZ

    yeah all sounds good i'd like to go for a ride at imbil, heard alot about it, not great at hills but i love to try them. we ride at marys creek abit near gympie very hilly. slowly getting better at them. and i'm really keen to go to glasshouse mnts. am riding this week end in gympie either marys creek or the other side only 10klms outta town if anyone is interested. if not i'll pm yas when i can get away from gympie ne one ever go to geerulla ??? thats ok too.
  11. barklynt

    spares kit 300exc 06 - 07

    just curious on what comes in the spares kit on new 300exc's???
  12. barklynt

    300exc 2 stroke hit??

    thanks for replys i'll check out ktm talk if anyone has done the mods what are your thoughts??
  13. barklynt

    300exc 2 stroke hit??

    would you have to go as far as to do a head mod to get the mx snap?? would the lighter fw & powervalve spring do the trick or would that cause other probs? anyone do this? also the power range of the 300exc would it be described more like a 450 4 stroke or 250 2 stroke?? (in the why the power comes on)?
  14. barklynt

    300exc 2 stroke hit??

    what sorta head mod???
  15. barklynt

    300exc 2 stroke hit??

    Been looking at a 250 sx or yz (love the power hit) for trail riding and mucking around. I've never ridden the 300exc but love the sound of them, I really want that 2 stroke hit of the mx bike. Is the 300 comparable at all to the sx? if not is there any minor mods you can do to the 300exc to give it that mx hit??? what are the differences sx vs exc flywheel weight? suspension? powervalve spring? silencer? pipe? I know the gear box is a wide ratio in the 300exc. thanks.