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  1. Problem is, you aren't going to find a used Toyota in his $4000 price range, unless it's really old with a ton of miles on it and beat to hell. I like Toyota trucks, but after scanning the classified ads, people seem to think their old Toyota with 250,000 miles on it is only worth a 3-4 thousand less than what they paid for it! I don't think so. But there are enough dummies out there to buy them for that much that keep prices high.
  2. All 4-cylinder Rangers are dogs, period, even with a manual transmission. I owned one '94 2.3L regular cab 2WD 5-sp., and now I drive a '94 2.3L super cab 2WD 5-sp. The only reason I bought another one is because I got a killer deal on it. Both have been reliable trucks, and get 22-23 MPG, but don't pull out in front of anyone thinking you can accelerate in time, or you'll get creamed. Stop at a red light that's on a hill and try to accelerate when the light turns green. Even in first gear at wide open throttle, engine just goes "buhhhhh" and it's such a wussy feeling. Also, if you live anywhere hilly or mountainous, don't bother buying one. They work okay for getting around in flat or semi-flat areas, but don't expect to be able to go up a hill without turning off the A/C and downshifting into 4th, or sometimes 3rd. Forget about towing anything. You know those signs on the interstate that say "minimum speed 40"? They made those to remind people with 4-cylinder Rangers trying to tow anything heavier than a lawn mower on a landscaping trailer. In my experience, if you're going to get a V6 compact pickup, might as well upgrade to a full-size with a V8, because the MPG is probably only going to be 1-2 MPG better than a full-size. A lot of people I've talked to only get about 16-18 with their V6 Rangers. As you can see, I can't wait to upgrade to something with more power and torque. I'm not power-crazed either, I just get sick of having no passing power on the interstate, and getting into dangerous situations because I can't get out of people's way when merging, or can't pass old folks and have to wait for a huge gap in the left lane because my puny truck doesn't have the guts to get around them quickly.
  3. ElGringo

    2001 chev silverado clunk

    I like this web site, but certain people on here will argue about anything to the death. Why such big egos? I'd hate to have some of you pull up next to me at a parking lot of a riding area and get out and start criticizing me for the way I pour gas out of my can. Geez...
  4. ElGringo

    '02 XR100 jets

    I'm looking for an online place to buy jets for my '02 XR100. I have searched the owner's manual for a carburetor spec, but found nothing. Then I looked in my Clymer service manual, and all it says is that it has a "PDC3L" carburetor. I searched BikeBandit.com, but the carburetor parts diagram only shows the stock jets as a replacement. I'm looking to play around with different size main and pilot jets. Can anyone show me where to get some, besides a bike shop? Thanks.
  5. "I've had 3 Rangers in the family; 86, 92 & 95. All were 4 cylinders, mileage from mid 20's to low 30's" Low 30s? I doubt that...I drive 70/30 highway/city and the best I ever get is around 23.5MPG, and I divide my miles traveled by gallons burned at every fill-up. I had a '94 regular cab with a 2.3L/5-sp. and 25 was the best I ever did, pretending there was an egg behind the gas pedal the entire time. I have a '94 2.3L Supercab with a 5-speed manual. Good reliable truck, but expect to hold the pedal to the floor all the time, and turn the A/C off and downshift into fourth, sometimes THIRD gear just to make it up a hill on the interstate and not get run over by traffic. Throw a bike or two in the back and you will most definitely be looking at your watch as you watch the speedometer slowly rise. Less patient drivers waiting behind you are going to blow the horn at you, because when you pull out in front of traffic, you have to wait for quite a large gap in order to not get run over. I look forward to the day when I can emancipate myself from this gutless wonder and step up to a full-size truck with a V8. Torque; I need torque!
  6. ElGringo

    Hatfield McCoy

    Can anyone tell me if there is a reputable guide service for Hatfield-McCoy that offers dirt bike rentals? According to trailsheaven.com, all I see is ATV rentals.