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  1. Siegel227

    Sound systems?

    WOW 1998 and 1999 Northeast Regional Champion here !!! 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2 JL Audio 18w3's 2 Hi fonics Zeus Amps. ( Blue ones if anyone remembers) Audio Control Epicenter, Linedriver, crossover. 6 Lighting audio 1.5 Farret caps. Kenwood Excelon 5V Radio KAC-5400 DB drag racing highest SPL: 154.9db USAC Outlaw: 161.4 db Boobies use to shake in the truck !!! Besides motocross those were the best times of my life. Siegel227
  2. Siegel227

    E-town Fun new changes

    Hey B whats going on ?? What new changes ??? Call me up today. ARe u going to KROC on sunday ?? I'll be there racing. Siegel227
  3. Siegel227

    Port Perry Practice This Saturday July 21

    Hey guys I might be coming up there Friday night and riding sat. When is that SCR Race ?? They are calling for rain all weekend by me New Jersey. So I figured I'd go up north this weekend. I know I need a Passport to go to Canada. Do I need anything for the Bike. Bill Of sale, Proof of Purchase ??? Siegel 227 New Jersey
  4. Siegel227

    Motocross tracks near the Toronto Area...

    I wanna be about an hour from Toronto. Is there a website for Rj Motorsports in Berry ?
  5. Hey guys. I'm from NJ. I'm going to be visiting a friend in Toronto and staying up there for about a week. I'm not going up there without my bike. LOL. I need some info on Tracks around the Toronto area and times for open practice or racing. Any info would be much appreciated. I'll be up there the second week of August. Thanks, Siegel227
  6. Siegel227

    etown today...

    I'll be there tomorrow. Boss won't let me go today. LOL
  7. Siegel227

    d34 schedule?

    I talked to Jack the other day and he mentioned that they dropped out of the MSC. ( Good thing too!! ) They are doing a 12 race series championship with Broome and Hurricane Hills. He also said put on your calendars August 5, Huge $$ 5000 pro/expert purse that day. I'll definitly be supporting this New D34 Organization, along with alot of other people. ITs about time for a good change. Siegel 227
  8. Siegel227

    Fess UP

    HAHA me too !!! www.myspace.com/siegel227
  9. Siegel227

    Kx450f Problems, Terrible Customer Reps...

    I work at a Kawi dealer and thats BS that they won't respond. That means that the delaer is not trying to make money bc Kawi pays them to fix the bike up. They give them the parts and pay for the labor. They sometimes make more money on warranty work than a regular job. 227
  10. Siegel227

    Jan-5-7 Reading arenacross

    The Big 227 will be there Sunday for the +25 and +30 ( first time racing the +30). It should be alot of fun. Lets go racing. Siegel 227
  11. Siegel227

    Bobby Jimenez #118

    I wish him a Speedy Recovery. He's a great kid and hope to see him back on that bike. Mark Siegel 227
  12. Siegel227

    Any KX-Fs at the track?

    When I first bought my Kx450 I went to the Reading Arenacross and there were definitly more kawi and suzuki's out on the track. Only 1 Yamaha ridden by Tommy Hoffmaster. 7 Months Later... Not too many Yamaha's and Honda's out here Alot more Zooks and Kawi's at Etown and District 34. Part of the reason is that Suzuki and kawi are paying alot in their Contingencies. 05 suzuki had doble contingencies. Yamaha didn't pay S*it !! People should look at making some $$$ out of their bikes. There are enough classes and alot of money to be made out there with our bikes. O yeah Kawi and Suzuki pay for for 2 classes rather than yamaha's only 1 class payout. Siegel 227
  13. Siegel227

    Unadilla this weekend?

    WOO HOO ITS DILLA TIME AGAIN. Who's stealing the security quad again this year?? ( that was soo funny last year ) Last year some moroon decides to wake everyone up at 3 am to the beautiful sound of a 4 stroke at its rev limiter. We'll be up there: Edsal 348, Grimm 166, Antonio 808, Siegel 227 Siegel 227 P.S I'll try not to wake anyone up this time !!!!
  14. Siegel227

    Broken Foot pegs !!!!!

    Thats the exact same thing that happened to me a few months back. The peg broke off long ways. I talk to my kawi guys and also talked to a friend on mine who is a kawi rep and he did say that kawi is having issues with the 450 pegs. THE 250F PEGS WILL NOT FIT THE 450s. Kawi is also taking care of the bill for the peg issues. Screw it I'm buying a new 450. 06 is up for sale. I will get another Kawi.
  15. Siegel227

    Thunder in the sand, wildwood race.

    I'll be there on the Kx450F. (+25A and 250A ) Siegel 227