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    CRF100F grip heater power?

    You just gave me the anwser. I haven't wired it in yet since i didn't have 12v power. My 400 has the lighting coil so it was a no brainer, but I was hoping the 100 needed full juice for something (other than coil) that could be jumped into. I'll just mount a small 12v battery somewhere to power them short term for when the kids are riding on the ice. Thanks
  2. Davenet

    CRF100F grip heater power?

    If someone has a wiring schematic for a 2004-08 CRF they can post up it would be greatly appreciated. I've got the heaters installed, have them wired correctly, have a solid ground, but can't get a steady 12v power source. I don't want to jack it into the coil lead, but I can't find anywhere else. Any ideas from anyone who has done it? I "think" I've covered everything, but obviously I'm missing something. Thanks in advance!
  3. Davenet

    cant ride....:banghead:

    Too funny- I just went & bought an '01 XR400r just so & could ride in the snow & mainly ICE! As well as the Kold Kutters, a buddy of mine has Trelisborgs (sp?) on his & has used them on the ice and trails (dirt, ice & rock) for the past TEN years and are still going strong. A pretty good dollar to mile ratio. On a side note, what tire has offered the best results with the kold kutter installation?? David