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  1. will a crf 230 top end fit on a crf 150 engine?
  2. so that must mean YES!
  3. Is the yz 250 good for putting around on and racing here and there?
  4. i found locally a 02 yz 250 fully race built bike exhaust suspension bars everything $2000. good deal?
  5. I found a 96 rm 250 with new top end and fmf exhaust there asking 1500 obo. good deal or not?
  6. you wanna sell me the whole bike?
  7. go for an 07
  8. who knows when the 07 is supposed to come out? the white is sickkk!!!!!
  9. you can weld both types of metal with any welder but welding aluminum is not easy and takes experience.
  10. i just resently got a new ssr sb125 from outlawpowersports and am very disappointed. the thing is practically falling apart.i guess thats what i get for buying something MADE IN CHINA.
  11. i just got a new ssr 125sb. its a super sweet bike but when i was riding it today i noticed the exhaust was getting way to hot. is it supposed to get this hot? how can can i fix or change it?
  12. If i could get some reviews on the ssr pit bikes to show my parents i can order a bike tonight! please help.
  13. does anyone have 2 extra tickets for the supercross tonight they want to sell?
  14. I cant wait for the race tonight. who is everyone rooting for?
  15. Yamaha

    jigwhatup, i live in las vegas area. could i see some pics of your blaster and what would you sell it for?