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  1. I spent 4 months in Australia this past winter and they have some really nice "utes" over there. Id love to see some of them trucks over here. My GMC sierra is a monster compared to the trucks over there. I also dig the Hilux
  2. Numba68

    Bang for Buck Tires?

    I was thinking of going down to North Dakota for a trip and getting some new rubber for the truck while down there. I honestly have no idea why tires are so much money here. Its like that with everything here though. I seen the same size Nittos on ebay for 800 instead of 1800.
  3. Numba68

    Bang for Buck Tires?

    I was quoted about 1800 for a set of Nitto terra grapplers for my truck, (275 60R 20) at one of the big tire shops in the city and thats about average for similar tires that size up here.
  4. Thanks dudes for the help, Im going to check the ground on the antenna.
  5. Im having trouble picking up the local fm radio signals in some of our farm equipment. Our personal vehicles get the local stations no problem and even the odd tractor can pick it up. I'm assuming its either the radio unit itself or the antenna. anyone got any ideas?
  6. Numba68

    2011 yz450 best price otd in socal

    man you guys have it good for bike prices down there, Last year I was quoted over 10 grand (our cnd $ is worth more than the US $) for a 2010 otd from the local dealer and i doubt the price has chanced much.
  7. Numba68

    who has the best graphics?

    Heres my 09 450: Blue: Yellow:
  8. Numba68

    Vp gas tank not for pump gas

    I think the legality is with the vent cap.... I miss the good old gas cans with the vent cap.
  9. Numba68

    Looking for Canadian Bike exporter

    Honestly brining a bike out of the states would be cheaper i think than Canada.
  10. Numba68

    anyone out in alberta?

    Look into oil companies and the mines in both sask and Alberta
  11. Numba68

    Do You Dress Like A Motocross Rider?

    How are you supposed to dress like a moto racer? They sell all of our main brands at the local mall. How people going to distinguish me from the gravel pitter the skateboard guy or the stoners?
  12. Numba68

    What Helmet to Get?

    Werent you bragging on here once that your parents were selling thier ranch for millions and you will be set for life? Buy a quality lid and replace it after a concussion.
  13. Try to get a MM sticker so you can look bad ass for your friends.
  14. Im my farming operation a 4wd is a must with at least 450hp to get it done. We have a case 9370 putting out 360hp and a New Holland TJ480 @480hp as our main seeding tractor.
  15. Nice little Farmall you got there. I wouldnt mind one to do some small yard work around the farm. and to think in a year or 2 Case and New Holland have a 600hp tractor that will automatically boost to 670hp if needed.