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  1. LTZ470

    '08 KTM 525 vs '08 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

    Quote Mike Hauso Motoheadz Racing: Yes a 700 Raptor can break 70 hp my full drag (686cc) 72.1 hp and 60 plus ftlbs I cant remember exact # Yes a KTM 613 can break 70 hp I built a full drag engine for a buddy that did dyno 71.4 hp 51 ftlbs
  2. TPS is wet in the Thumb Throttle or Carb Boot has a crack in it...Acelerator Pump could be plugged also...call Walt Hooker "FastRanchero64" over on KTMATVHQ.com he is the carb guru...you need his mods...
  3. LTZ470

    '08 KTM 525 vs '08 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

    I'll be you guys Huckleberry in about 6-8 weeks...I have spanked many Raptors with my 50Hp LTZ470 LOL Olds Hill, Kermit Drags, Mescalero?...and I rode a little ole KTM 600 Stroker that Travis built and spanked a 65 Hp 720cc Raptor at Little Sahara with Hot Cams and a few other mods on the Raptor...sometimes it ain't the Hp or the Quad it just needs a rider...them boys on the Raptor were pretty impressed...left another Raptor on the trails with my 570 KTM... Got a little bigger one on the way for all you Raptor guys...you had better have 80Hp because you will definitely require it...Spanked a 86Hp Can-Am 850 with the little 600 KTM Stroker, but when he hit the NOS it wasn't a race he was making 103 on the dyno with NOS that day... Note that this is a stock chassis KTM 600 with no exteneed swinger and I had to let off every once in a while to keep the front end down...the one we are building now will make close to 70 ponies so it will be fast, but I am not going to lighten it up...I like to play too much... Where is all these Raptors you guys are talking about? I make Glamis once or twice a year? Mescalero Dunes...Kermit Dunes...Just got back from Little Sahara Utah no big bad Raptors there? Last one I saw was at Little Sahara Oklahoma? I lived in Arizona and saw the 99Hp Raptor that Kenz Cycle Tech built but it had a turbo best I recall? Just a note on a stock 510cc (525) KTM that has been jetted properly...48+Hp with 38 lbs Tq on the dyno thats after cutting out the end of the stock exhaust and taking out the air filter backfire screen and jetting properly...
  4. Have a KTM 525 Quad...dies on landings after jumps...changed 39mm out for 41mm CRF450R 2007 Carb...45 Pilot...178 MJ...Stock needle...Fuel Screw 2turns out... Any ideas why it hesitates/dies on landings after even small jumps? Thinking about R&D Power Bowl? Would that help? JD Jetting Kit? Having the 39mm Stocker Taper bored to 43mm and not complete yet...headed to Glamis in October and wanted to run the 41mm if the 43mm Taper Bore is not ready... Thanks for any assistance, Cole
  5. LTZ470

    Big bore kit?

    Thumperracing.net talk to Travis he owns it and can give you 58-60hp with 570 BB Kit, Cam and Port...
  6. LTZ470

    '08 KTM 525 vs '08 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

    It comes detuned (ignition curve) from the factory. All you have to do is pull a single brown wire apart under the black front nose piece and it puts it into a performance mode ignition curve. It tells you all about it on pg 57 in the owners manual. This will smoke a Raptor after this mod...drags and steep long hills...if atvsport knew this they the KTM would've killed the other two quads (maybe they did but didn't want to shame them?)