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  1. Did you solve your EXC delimma? I ride a 300MXC w/ a Recluse clutch installed. Exellent woods bike, best choice in bike and bolt on upgrade Ive ever made. You cant go wrong w/ this setup. Where are you in Texas? Im in Austin. If you are in this area you can ride it and see for yourself. Ed.
  2. qhut

    2006 ktm 250sx for trails?

    The rekluse is awsome, It truly is legal cheating. Theres no lugging, no stall and just perfect for tight woods and hills. I had some real problems riding a two stroke in slow situations where hill challenges came along but the rekluse alows the bike to chugg right witout having to feather a clutch and cause wheel spin. It is a great improvment for my 300 MXC, I think you'll like it too!
  3. qhut

    Who has owned a 200exc and a 300exc?

    Fort Hood is pretty much shut down to all riding on post, has been for awhile. All we can do is wait for a Post Commander to come along who like to ride as much as we do. I lived there in the early and mid 70s and the whole post was open to riding except impact area of corse. We lived in Patton Park and riding trails made by the Post Engineers started right behind our quarters and went for miles. Ah those were the days.
  4. qhut

    Who has owned a 200exc and a 300exc?

    Good luck with it, I think you will really like it. Post back your opinion.
  5. qhut

    Who has owned a 200exc and a 300exc?

    Howdy, I just bought a very low hour, like new 02 300MXC. I heard a lot of great things about this bike and without a doubt no lie. This is the best woods bike I ever rode in 30 years of riding. I also ride in tight wooded trails w/ steep hills (loose loam w/ rocks) , virtical creek bank and so on. Ive put about 8 hours on the bike and performed flawlessly. I installed a rekluse clutch and what a package! Im 5' 8" 188lb. and ride with intermediate skills, this bike w/ the rekluse gave me an extra edge to get through stuff that would otherwise set me on my can. If you're a really tall guy it may feel small to you but if you are under 200 lbs i think you would be very comfortable. I could put the bike in 2nd gear and ride anything thatcame my way without stall or having to downshift. The bike never labored or coughed just chugged right along. If you want to go fast just shift and turn the throttle. I was able to hang easy w/ an 05 450 yzf. If you are a beginner this bike would be fine for woods riding, you must just carfully learn throttle control. I think its a fantastic bike and you probably be super pleased. Good luck in your decision. I noticed in this thread some of you guys ride at CTOR, I also ride there. I live in Austin and come out with a group of guys about twice a month. See yall on the next t ride!