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  1. That some funny shiat, remember I did say vain. Anyhow just curious because I spend alot of time on a boat in the summer on the water, sun so curious how that will affect it, and yes I care about my apperance, so just wondering how it will look. He did say that they use cosmedic sutures, what ever those are. He also said it would be about six inch incesion:eek: with a bone graph from the hip.
  2. Just curious on how the whole healing process went with the acumed plate some of you have had put in? Any pics of the scar (post them) and is it very noticeable? (sorry to sound vain) Looks like I may be getting this done next week. Had my week six pics and still no calcium between the bones:mad: My Ortho said that the plate is a viable option or the screw, he prefers the plate. On another note I have very little strength in my arm that I fell on, he did some tests yesterday and said I may have some rotator cuff damage as well so I went and had a MRI yesterday waiting for results, All feed back is greatly appreciated. All I know is this down time is really getting to me.
  3. Thank you Dr Mark.
  4. Thank you for the info. In your opinion is there a time limit on surgery as far as how long to wait? or not wait. Also are we talking bone graph on this one or not?
  5. Here a pic finally, imo it dosent really look that bad , one reason I havent done the surgery yet. But we will let the Doc speak on this one.
  6. Yeah I am trying to get a pic up now. I am just a little confused about the PT mine says do it because it is basicly just stretching of the shoulder no weights. In theroy really not moving the collarbone at least thats what I was told. Anyhow I am also out of my sling which really killed my shoulder.
  7. Yeah you can say I am confused, I quess I can wait till 4/16 and if nothing starts to show fly out to see you. BTW I have Blue Cross ppo which I am sure you take, also I have double coverage, primary and secondary insurance. If I do the surgery will there be a bump where the plate is on the collarbone? or will it look normal, how big of scar will this leave? So by starting PT with the movement helps out in establishing a non union?
  8. Broke my collarbone on 3/01/08 went to the local emergency room and was put in a figure 8 brace sent home with some pain meds and was told to follow up with the Ortho. BTW x ray was taken at the hospital. I went to the Ortho and he said basically it has a 95% chance it will heal on its own wanted to see me back on 3/26/08. In between that time I sought a second opinion which I was also told the same thing. Went back to my original Ortho and he took another x ray I was under the impression that I would start to see some calcification and there was none yet. He told me that it is still to early for anything to show up yet on a x ray, If I was ten yrs old maybe I'm 43. He started me in PT which I thought was a good thing but is it normal to start PT even with the bone not healed yet? I asked my Ortho a shit load of questions and he was actually very good. He told me that the break is in the middle and there isn't a lot of displacement which is good I should heal up just fine. My problem as of late It has been very sore at the break and I just want this to heal, how long before I start seeing some calcification going on? I am at the four week mark from my break and it fills like a 20 lb weight is sitting on my bone. He wants to see me on April 16th for another x ray. I better see something then or I may be flying to Texas. Sorry for the long post but man I got to get healed.
  9. That shiat is funny right there. Ok thanks for the quick response I may be in touch btw I have always wanted to see the river walk, allthough thta is in San Antonio
  10. Thank you I have read alot of other posts here thats what got me thinking, what do you mean by (displaced)? Also with regard to traveling to Texas do you know a quality Dr here in the oc, newport beach , laguna hills Mission viejo, someone like yourself that may specialize in clavical? What would be the amount of time before i decide to have surgery? this happened on 3/1/08 almost a week ago
  11. I would like to get a second opinion on the correct treatment for my broken clavical. Can anybody recommend a good ortho in Sol cal, south oc area. Went to the ortho at mission hospital and basicaly says to let it heal on its own, he would like to see me back in three weeks for more x rays. FYI i broke it last sat 3/1/08 Mt biking. I would like to get full motion and no bump out of this? The Doc seems to think i stand a 95% chance of having full range of motion. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. My brother in law is selling his 03 wr450f, said he would sell it to me for 3,000.00 It has 18 hours on it. I was looking at the wr250f or the crf250x but this sounds pretty good Your thoughts.
  13. Thanks for the input, off to look at them right now
  14. I am 40 years old and have not ridden in about 8 years. Now with my son 22 we are thinking of getting back into it. I use to have a YZ250 and he a Yz 80. My question is what is a good size bike for me I am 5'11" and about 190 lbs not looking to go full throtle just would like a nice easy fun bike to start again wr 250f of wr 450f???????? thanks in advance.