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  1. Hi. I have a 2006 drz-400SM. i'm putting a yosh rs-3 complete sysem on it but stock engine including air box for now. Can anybody tell me which jet kit would be the best for my setup? Thanks!
  2. can anyone tell me what the basic settings should be after a carb cleaning for at least the mixture screw on beginning setting for a 1998 sr350 sew? the shop manual says for the 14EP carburetor it is preset (and very hard and hot to get to for adjusting.? thanks
  3. Does anyone know if there is a magic airbox offered for a 2005-6 suzuki drz400sm? Looked for info on the net,but........
  4. bronco 78; thanks. do you happen to know if i put a clarke tank on ,if i have to add any exras like thins for the radiator shrouding,etc?
  5. Does Anybody Know If The 2005-6 Drz400sm Fuel Tank Is The Same As The Other Drz400 Model? Does Anybody Make An Aftermarket Fuel Tank For The Sm?