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  1. FiftySeven

    Riding Sunday Central Florida

    broke my wrist last sunday at bithlo so no riding for me "/
  2. FiftySeven

    Lets see the xrays!

    Broke the two bones on each side of the middle one too...7 screws and a plate.
  3. FiftySeven


  4. FiftySeven

    Greetings from Honduras.... (DonO)

    DonO this is third time I've gotten hurt in the last 7 months... Broke my hand last September-October Was airlifted from Bithlo February Broke 3 bones in my foot Saturday You should really teach me the proper falling technique....haha
  5. FiftySeven

    Greetings from Honduras.... (DonO)

    Just broke a couple bones in my foot Saturday out at Bithlo Gotta have surgery tomorrow to put one of em back in place.
  6. FiftySeven

    Bithlo Sat. 5/7

    just got back. had to go to 3 different doctors and was gone for a total of 8 hours haha it sucked. and whaddya know. Ankles just bruised but I broke 2 bones inn my foot. One of em is way outta place so I gotta have surgery tomorrow....
  7. FiftySeven

    Bithlo Sat. 5/7

    yeah...i can move my ankle but it hurts all the muscles...maybe bones in my foot or broken though....i hope not. the pain is still the same and the swelling on top of my foot seems a little worse...
  8. FiftySeven

    Bithlo Sat. 5/7

    i have no clue how it happened, but i missed my brakes and went off a berm....let go of the bike to try and get away from it and it landed on my foot/ankle....today its still not any better and my foot is all purple an d gigantic so tomorrow im goin to the doctors...
  9. FiftySeven

    Bithlo Sat. 5/7

    Me too. Except not a little one....goin to the doctors today or tomorrow cuz its no t getting any better....
  10. FiftySeven

    Bithlo Sat. 5/7

    I'll be there
  11. I would keep it. It's their fault for sending two. They need to pay more attetion and keep better track of their orders. But of course that was a joke. I'd send it back....
  12. FiftySeven

    New Leatt Brace $195!!! Moto GPX Adventure

    Wait, so the material is the same as the Club? or not?
  13. What is the best method to make a step seat? What foam would you recommend, what tool(s) would I use to shape the foam, what glue, etc.? Thanks.
  14. FiftySeven

    Free photo Enhancing/editing

    Oh **** are you really?!? Thought you were being serious at first haha didn't realize that or see your sig.... Lookin good! You should hook me up haha