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  1. rexie

    Ttr600 Lowering Kit

    maybe you could get shock shortened an inch.
  2. rexie

    Anyone got a TTR600?

    hi pottr600 i am in newcastle i have a 2003 ttr600. where in oz are you?
  3. rexie

    TTR 600 bel

    where abouts in oz are you thumpduck i have a 2003 ttr 600. i am in newcastle.
  4. rexie

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    my ttr600 http://www.streetfighters.com.au/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1714
  5. rexie

    TT600 Sortamotard conversion

    i just motarded my 03 ttr600 and i used rgv 250 3 spokes. they were cheap just had to change bearings to suit axle size and make new spacers and mount caliper back a bit to suit 320mm disc. all up cost 600.00
  6. rexie

    2002 TTR600?? I thought they stoped making them?

    i also am in aus. newie to be exact and have an 03 ttr600 which i also have a set of motard wheels when i get bored of dirt and i love it.
  7. rexie

    TT600R motard conversion

    im not sure. i havent tried to source any cause i was using alloy mags.
  8. rexie

    TT600R motard conversion

    have you tried sourcing ttr hubs from wreckers so you keep your dirt wheels. i want to keep mine as i do a fair bit of offroad riding. my wheels have cost me 200.00 and shouldnt cost more than 100.00 for spacers and caliper bracket and i already have a set of tyres that cost me zero. i will have to get sprockets and front guard but still shouldnt get over 500.00. i wont pay 3000.00 for some wheels and brakes cause they are associated with the word supermotard.
  9. rexie

    TT600R motard conversion

    i will be running a 120 front and 160 rear. wont have to ve the caliper very far at all so should be easy. it has an aftermarket alloy can on it . its a t.k. not sure where its from.but am looking to get it going better so maybe headwork,cams and an fcr carb. i drive b doubles from newcastle to brissie couple times a week.
  10. rexie

    TT600R motard conversion

    hi wolf. im using gsxr rims . 17x3.5 front and 17x4.5 rear to motard my ttr 600 03. just have to get spacers made and mounting bracket for front caliper. other people have used rgv rims and also cbr 250 rims. yamaha has a wire wheel kit for 3000.00 includes wheels and brakes. where in oz are you im in newcastle.
  11. rexie

    Post pics of your STREETbikes.

    my z-rex im rexie on the aussie streetfighter site. http://www.streetfighters.com.au/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=607&whichpage=1
  12. rexie

    The TTR600 just wouldn't start!!!!

    thanks for the info i have been trying to find out some for it to get it going better.
  13. rexie

    The TTR600 just wouldn't start!!!!

    nothing wrong with mine. its even getting easier to start when its hot.
  14. rexie

    any one from oz?

    im in newie
  15. rexie

    Any Gold Coast/ South Brisbane Riders

    check out www.dirtbikeworld.net. plenty qld riders of all levels there.