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  1. jofu

    mapping crf 250 2012

    What do you mena with different base map ? Isn't it just a 0 map ? Would you like to share your maps- just top see how you go. I did the following mods: - Number plates form the 10 model - Airbox mod - TwinAir Flow kit - Dr. Dubach full system.. I just leaned it from midrange to top and richened it in the bottom area...
  2. jofu

    mapping crf 250 2012

    HI, what do you mean with different base map... Isn't the base map just 0 ? Would you like to share your maps ? Just to see how you go .. I just changed:
  3. hey guys ... mine does this too .. i've tried al the pilotjets from 40 - 48. The bigger the pilot the better it starts cold BUT .... It won't get alive when stalled ... Any suggestions on a better setup ? Who knows why the 08 one comes with a much much bigger Main Jet than the previous models ? BR //jf
  4. jofu

    A message to 08 CRF250 owners..

    HI, mein does not want to start every time .. SOmetimes better, sometimes wors. Anybody out there what could be doen improving it ? What carb setup do you use ? BR //jf
  5. HI, any experience with Slipper cluches like STM or Suter ? I am just about to purchase one but those guy's want to have a hell of a lot of money ! rgds, //jf
  6. jofu

    Oil problem

    cool ! thanks .. I am willing to learn ! //jf
  7. jofu

    Oil problem

    Hi all, i'am riding a crf 450 03 most times with the 17' rwheels on. Since a few months i noticed that the ammount of engine oil increases !!! As u know the crf as engin and gearbox oil seperated, Now it's so that i somehow lets oil from the Gearbox side in to the Engine side. When i measure the ammount i loose on gearbox its almost equal to the ammount i gain on the Engine side .. Does someone have an idea ? Its hard to say how much it is .. It somehow depends on the track i race .. on faster tracks its more than on slower ones .. i am getting crazy ! br, //jf