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  1. Pete W

    1973 xr75ko

    Thanks for the the help, I think I'll try my hand at it. I've done alot of lawn equipment repair and should be able to do this. I've got a copy of a manual but would love adresses of places to get parts, if you know any, e-mail me at PTPOO@AOL.COM ..Thanks again!!!
  2. Pete W

    1973 xr75ko

    I have a 1973ko honda and I really need help finding parts and a shop where I can send this motor to have the top end reworked. It runs fair but only when I put a brand new plug in it. It smokes a little and has never been reworked.I live in Tennessee and am having no luck finding a shop to do the work.I am willing to send it anywhere to get it redone .I have bought points,condenser.coil but have'nt installed them yet due to wanting to redo the top end.Any help from YA'LL would be great.P.S. I've try'ed dealing with a honda restoring place in Longview Texas and have gotten very, very poor service.Thanks