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  1. dydko

    680 kit

    I have one question Im going to rebuilt my BRP diuring winter (sleve, piston) question is, Is that possible to change only sleve and piston Wiseco, and gaskets and left anything else stock ?. Price is the same as stock size piston and slave.
  2. dydko

    I-Cat xr650r

    Hi I have a question has anyone of you guys installed I-cat in BRP ? If the answer is yes ,please write some opinion is it worth to install that in our beloved xr650r.
  3. Thanks You all for your replies. Now I now that the best way is to buy new springs, but as JackAttack noticed Im living in poland and the BRP is rather rare bike in our country and the only one way to buy springs for it is to buy it in US. I will try to change the oil if it wont help I would buy spring from US. Thanks
  4. Plese help me ? I've read that is possible to make the BRP fork much more stiffer than stock by cutting factory springs and mouting the spacers. Im looking for instructions how to DIY , pictures links anything . Help me Thanks