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  1. beardie

    kicker yoshi cdi?

    i guess yoshi were on the ball,the inlet cam coming out has more lift and duration.yoshi cams seem to have short l&d on both cams especially the exhaust compared to a std E cam.i hope this is gonna be worth it
  2. beardie

    kicker yoshi cdi?

    cheers burned,i am still confused tho,i have checked my old blown enduro motor k417 engine no prefix, replacement kicker motor k416,and spare s motor k419, do the enduro motors have stiffer valve springs?cos the kit comes with valve shims and two retainers for the inlet side of the k419 motor.are they in the kit as the k419 has softer valve springs?
  3. beardie

    kicker yoshi cdi?

    will yoshi mgt027 cdi work on my kicker?i also note in cam instructions suitable for engine type k419 only?!mines a k416 kicker.am i panicking or is this a problem?
  4. beardie

    Jetting for Big Bore ?

    are you using cv carb, or flatslide?
  5. beardie

    engine transplants?

    tricked out supermoto donor to start with,we"ll try lining up my spare motor
  6. beardie

    engine transplants?

    anyone any experiences of fitting drz into yam wr426, just a thought.my buddy is on looking at his 3rd motor rebuild,and it may stay together longer
  7. beardie

    Supermoto wheels

    dont go for plated hubs tho
  8. beardie

    Supermoto wheels

    talon/exell by far the best,my pair now now 5 years old and heavily abused on roads/track winter salt, pressure washing etc and still straight and shiny
  9. beardie

    drz400 dualsport lowering links?

  10. beardie

    slipper clutches

    guess i"ll have to improve my clutch control,cheers guys!
  11. beardie

    slipper clutches

    cheers, i"ll try that
  12. beardie

    slipper clutches

    i was after a slipper for super moto use i"ve already wasted a stator etc shearing sprag bolts/not getting it sliding enuf/too much rear chatter, looking to make life easier/cheaper.i know rekluse do an auto,but feels strange with your left hand doing nowt but holding bar
  13. beardie

    slipper clutches

    does anyone know of a proper slipper clutch for drz.i don"t want rekluse
  14. beardie

    bike misses when snapping throttle on??

    if you removed float bowl make sure the accellerator pump rod is positioned correctly. ie look at right carb side by throttle cable wheel ,check top of rod is engaged in black plastic arm and lower end is sitting in brass "tube". if all ok and "taffy" mod not done ,fill carb with fuel and open twistgrip fully 2~3 times.thats it.may be worth checking out taffy mod.do you still have coast enricher on?