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  1. alex211

    nikasil plating questions '97 rm125

    Yup ^^^. You shouldn't hone a plated cylinder. If the cylinder has a gouges or scratches you can feel with your fingernail then it needs plated. Or if it is worn through the plating anywhere. Also you definitely need to replace the piston on a 125 every 75 hours is about max for a piston.
  2. alex211

    ODE to the REDDIWHIP!

    Whats up guys? Been a while but I'm still Alive! Ain't nothin been going good since I graduated High School got no bike right now, but if things work out here this winter I should be riding this summer.
  3. alex211

    2005 RFS rebuild

    Bike is back together and it runs awesome. Also updated the locking lever, and some red loctite on the primary gear nut torqued to 110 ft lbs. It's a torque monster for sure now, pulls wheelies in 3rd by just rolling on the throttle.
  4. alex211

    2005 RFS rebuild

    Here's what the top end looks like, 97mm 11:1 Wossner piston and fresh cylinder from thumper racing. After I get my tax return back I can get the rest of the parts to put it together.
  5. alex211

    2005 RFS rebuild

    I did do a little cleaning to the bottom end and cylinder head, I can't wait to see how this new engine runs.
  6. alex211

    2005 RFS rebuild

    I'm waiting on the big bore kit to come in from thumper racing, I need to order the rest of the little parts to put it together but I have to wait until next paycheck for that. Here's what I've needed so far Big bore kit, comes with cylinder, pistons, top end gaskets. $535 shipped Cam chain tool $145 Dowel pins for cylinder, bent one taking them out O-ring for Decompression lever, it was leaking Kick start oil seal, was leaking a good amount of oil 08 and up locking lever for shifter, if you haven't done this on your RFS replace it now Clutch cover gasket Spark plug Threebond sealant for valve cover That's about it for the top end rebuild. The intake valves should be fine for another 100 hours or so, I'll probably get Dave to rework the head next winter and install some KW valves. Along with an 8/06 cam and getting the carb bored to 41mm. This winter though after I get the engine together I need to change the fork oil, maybe get the shock serviced as well. Nothing on the chassis is worn out on this bike, even the shock heim is still tight which is amazing since they don't seem to last long. I also need to get a new set of rubber for it, then the bike will be all ready for some harescramble action in a few months.
  7. alex211

    Throttle tube on bar dry?

    Dry, any lube or oil will cause it to eventually stick.
  8. I bled my clutch using the standard pump up and crack bleeder method, it's been working great since spring.
  9. You're going to have to pull the head and put in a new head gasket. Might also be a good idea for a new piston/rings too. How many hours are on the bike?
  10. alex211

    2005 RFS rebuild

    My 05 450exc started to use some oil and had noticeable piston slap at 126 hours so I tore it down for winter to rebuild the top end. I thought it was odd for an RFS to need a top end this early but shit happens. I kept the air filter clean and the intake valves showed it, maybe I'm just hard on it. I did get it up to 108 indicated mph before. Looked like this before I took it apart In the process of removing the engine Engine out and apart, piston had wear on the skirts. Cylinder looked ok but it's on it's way to thumper racing to get bore/sleeved/plated to 97mm. I'm not doing anything to the head other than cleaning it up since the valves still should have another 100 hours left in them. The rod felt good with no up and down play, there is a little twist but I'm gonna leave the bottom end alone for now.
  11. alex211

    cylinder replating?

    X3, they did an rm250 cylinder for me.
  12. alex211

    Jeep Wrangler question

    I have A/C, it doesn't work but all the components are there. I think it needs a recharge and some new o-rings. I think the only thing different in the interior is the switch panel. I'm keeping it though, I'm going to fix the A/C this winter along with a whole slew of other things I want to do to it.
  13. alex211

    Jeep Wrangler question

    I wouldn't worry about AC but there is a company that makes a kit to put AC in, or find a parts jeep with AC to rob the parts off of. I'm 16 and drive a wrangler too, they're nice vehicles to work on.
  14. alex211

    where to- cylinder replating

    Powerseal is awesome.
  15. alex211

    Gas in transmission.

    If the crank seal was leaking bad enough for gas to get into the oil you wouldn't have any oil left. When my bike had a bad crank seal it would suck the tranny dry.