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  1. Scott Matteson

    97 wr250 mods?

    Just bought a '97 YZ 250 that has been bored-out to something around 300cc and thing runs really bad, went through 7 gallons of gas in 4 hours of riding (around 30mi.). Do you know what your jetting is?
  2. Scott Matteson

    Check valves befor riding new 05 450X

    Valve Clearance: IN: 0.006+-0.001in (0.16+-0.03mm) EX: 0.011+-0.001in (0.28+-0.03mm) DECOMPRESSOR ARM CLEARANCE RIGHT EXHAUST VALVE CLEARANCE: 0.014in (0.35mm) If measured right exhaust valve clearance is 0.011in, decompressor clearance is: 0.011in + 0.014in = 0.025in. Haven't done my valves yet so I'm not sure about the decompressor adjustment. The valve adjustment procedure looks pretty involved, better get a new owners manual.
  3. Scott Matteson

    CRF450X Motor noise

    Awsome response! Thanks. I did put a skid plate on after the first ride, the super duty Works Connection. I also checked the chain and it was a little loose. The gas may have also been an issue, my buddy bought some gas for me from a quickie mart that probably wasn't the highest quality. I was going to check the valves at 100mi, but I think I'll do it sooner. I am going to re-jet and slightly modify the air box as soon as I decide the best combination work with the stock exaust.
  4. Scott Matteson

    CRF450X Motor noise

    Thanks for the reply hondamad. My Dad had a 450x also and as soon as the rain stops I'm going riding with him to compare.
  5. Scott Matteson

    CRF450X Motor noise

    My Wife gave me the best Christmas gift I've ever recieved this year, a CRF450X! I've managed to put about 70 miles on the bike between rain showers so the motor should be broken in, but it makes alot of mechanical noise. At really low rpm it sounds like the piston is hitting the cylinder wall and the power seems notchy. I'm worried that I wasn't gentle enough on the motor during break-in. The bike is totally stock and I ride\live at around 3500ft elevation. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a problem?