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  1. an2dr7ew0

    DiamondBack Wensday practice

    Love That Track...jumps Are Soooo Sickk...go Big Or Go Home= D Back..ahah..i Might Be Ther 05 Rmz 250 # 270
  2. an2dr7ew0

    ORV areas in Mass?

    Im From Pittsfield And They Def Didnt Close Oct Mt Cuz I Went Riddin Up Ther Today..ther Are 2 Places In Pitts Wich I Ride At All The Time..holmes Road Pitts And East Street Pitts..they Are Both All Sand And Wicked Good For Training..nice Places To Ride
  3. an2dr7ew0

    ORV areas in Mass?

    Im From Pittsfield And They Didnt Close Oct Mt Cuz I Went Rididn Ther Today.. Ther Is Also East Street Pitts Witch Is All Sand And Holmes Road Pitts Witch Is Also All Sand.. I Practice Ther Almost Everyday..good Training And Good Trails From There
  4. Hey How Do You Like That Thing. My Dad Wants One But He Want To Know What Its Like..thanks
  5. an2dr7ew0

    Look at this squid

  6. an2dr7ew0

    Insane Step UP!!!

    Did Any One Watch The Vid Of Mike Metz...if Not Check It Out ..nailing The 360 On A 110..pretty Cool
  7. an2dr7ew0

    stewarts bike...massive rear tire

    yeha look at the fence and RCs bike then look at stewarts..the thing is gynormus...must be just the pic
  8. an2dr7ew0

    RM85's haul A$$ !....?

    deff..if u watch a am vid ..like alpinestars the bginging..take a look at tomac, kinds allways hard ont eh gas and all u can here is top end...they def have more top end then lower end
  9. an2dr7ew0

    removing carbon

    i use a wire brush in shop clas at my school..but idk if the valves are plated or wat not.. i heard over cleaner works well to
  10. an2dr7ew0

    hot start

    hey yelowryder99 is just did mine yesterday...all u have to do ti follow the cable down to the carb...unscrew the black plastic bolt ...pull the cable out of the port and clean it all up..make sure when u clean the passage dont let ne thing fall down into the carb(little white pieces of no lcue...wwhen your done doing this apply grease to the end of the cable silde it back in there and put the cable screw back on...now you need to ajust ur hot start.. take a nickle and put it in betweent the lever and the perch..if ther is more slack then the thickness of the nickle u will ahve to ajust it ..if u have a cabel luber you should also lube the cable upp...and ther ya go...takes bout 10 mins for the whole proces
  11. an2dr7ew0

    mototown usa

    hey thanks guys...the website i got has nuthin except a black and white page... im thinkning bout going ther or to the NEMX indoor track in Andover,OH for some practice..but that kinda far..so could someone give me some info lkike cost hotels, fone numbers...thanks guys
  12. an2dr7ew0

    mototown usa

    thanks guys.. yeah people liek that just tend to piss me off..and thanks surg 220..i apreciate it..yeah this place dose look pretty sick...thanks agian
  13. an2dr7ew0

    mototown usa

    thanks guys and mackeymx dont be such a fag iw as just asking a question u cocky bitch
  14. an2dr7ew0

    mototown usa

    hey guys i no this isn't the place to post this but i no a lot of people search through here.. i need some quick answers and info on Mototown USA.. i live like hour and 1/2 away and there website is like blank.. .. i wanna go there for Feb vaca but i don't no if their open or wat not and the cost or any thing so could someone give me some quick answers.. thanks guys
  15. an2dr7ew0

    local shop

    yeha i have all the rihgt tools to do it .. just nevr done it and my dad dosnt want ne thing gettin messed up sence its almost brand new...40 hrs... thanks agin