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    Trails in Crosby, TX

    It's down south off road and xtreme off road park, just google that with Crosby,tx attached to it and it will come up. If you have 4x4 and cases of beer your set. If you ride dirtbikes or racing quads, 90% of it is a mud hole. Ran it about 4-5 weeks ago with some friends. Still checking all the rumored local places in the greater Houston area. I can take that one off my list now for sure....no desire to go back.
  2. motocrosboy89

    Cbr600f2 wheel questions

    Craig, Thanks a lot for posting all that info. I really appreciate it!
  3. motocrosboy89

    Cbr600f2 wheel questions

    A friend gave me the wheels free, and I have access to machine equipment. This will do for now until I have the extra cash laying around. Just using them for the street to and from work for now.
  4. motocrosboy89

    Cbr600f2 wheel questions

    I am in the process of doing this conversion for my yz426 (also a set for my wr450 possibly). I have searched high and low on here and google and still need to confirm some parts guys are using to get this setup on the bike. From what I can gather this far: Front wheel- use oem f2 wheel bearings, a 360mm disk from a few different bikes (listed in the archive thread I found) and some mill work. Rear wheel - f2 wheel, cb450 or vf500 Cush drive, cb 400 rotor, new bearings (I believe dimensions are posted in the other thread as well on the bearings) and custom bushings. Now, my questions: 1. What year vf500 or cb450 do I need to get a Cush drive off of, I have looked at a few and the design is different depending on what year you look at. 2. What Cush rubbers do you run? The F2 or the ones for the Cush drive of choice? 3. Where is a good place for the custom rear sprocket in the US? What is the typical teeth count you guys run on the street in front and rear? Looking for fun in town bike with occasional track day, its already plenty powerful. 4. Has anyone confirmed the talon POW81 caliper bracket fitment to be correct for the front brake? 5. Would anyone off hand know what te differences would be to put these wheels on my 04 wr450 from the 426? From what I understand the front should be a direct bolt on, but unsure on a lot. I will of course take all the measurements just figured if someone might know it would save me some time. 6. What size tires is popular on this setup? I appreciate all the help in advance anyone can offer. I plan on taking a lot if pictures and documenting everything so hopefully a sticky can come from it and no more question threads like this. Thanks guys!