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  1. scott367

    Inverted Fork Damage

    2004 WR250F. The dings are all low and mostly on the brake side
  2. scott367

    Inverted Fork Damage

    The inner fork tube on the brake caliper side is full of nicks/damage. I am sure this damage will make the seals leak. What are my options? Can the inner tube be rechromed economically?
  3. scott367

    Ohio Rumble on the Ridge

    4-9, 5-21, and 9-17 http://rumbleontheridge.homestead.com/
  4. I have a 2004 WR250F I bought new in late 2005. After 5 seasons I decided I was long overdue to check the valve lash. It is used exscusivley for trail riding by mature (44) rider. I stay off the rev limiter so the motor isn't asked to work that hard. When I checked the valve lash it was fine. How often do you check vavle lash on a lightly used WR?
  5. I just mounted a Dunlop trials tire on my WR250F. Based on what I heared on TT this is the hot setup for my application (90% hardpack 44 yr old rider). I am running a heavy duty tube to resist pinching flats. What pressure to run???
  6. scott367

    Breaking news stewart arrested!!!

    I am going to wait to hear his explanation before I judge him. Not sure how he can explain this away but I will give him the chance.
  7. I just put a trials tire on my WR250F that sees only mature (44) rider trail use. A big part of the reason I went to the trials tire was the terain is almost %100 hardpack and feeback from other TT'ers. So now I have this soft compound huge sidewall tire with a heavy duty tube. I am wondering what pressure to run?
  8. scott367

    FYI --- Reed was sick at Indy

    I was wondering why he didn't t-bone Sewart. That explains it.
  9. I wanna hear from other 250f riders out there. I am 43 and ride like it (stay off the rev limiter) and the bike is used only for spirited trail rides. How often do you think the valves will need to be adjusted?
  10. Do I have to run a trials tire both in front and back? I was palnning on just running it on the back.
  11. The area I ride is reclaimed coal mines. Seems like 90% hardpack. Always ran a knoby but been thinking a trials tire might be the way to go. Great feedback, do you run a trials tire on both ends?
  12. And what kind of conditions do you ride in?
  13. It is obvious that the chinese machines are not designed or built to as high a standard as the other players. Seems to me the only attractive thing on these units is the low price. I am wondering what the total cost of ownership is over like 5 years when you compare the higher failure rate on the chinese product.
  14. scott367

    Bottom End Condition

    Looking at a 99 YZ 125. I have a compression tester so I can easily test the top end but how can I evalualte the bottom end without taking the engine apart?