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  1. crfspirop

    What Oil Do You Guys Use?

    Shell Rottela T 15-40
  2. crfspirop


    The best grips I have use are the Tag soft/Med compound. They don't last as long, but man they are comfy.
  3. crfspirop

    The Current "Dirt-Rider" and the KX450F...

    That you're wrong about some of the things you posted on the motor thread. But thats in the past so lets move on, but before I do I have to say one last thing. I told you so! See ya in Seattle and Vegas.
  4. crfspirop

    holding up?

    No issues at all, with about 20hr on the green machine.
  5. crfspirop

    How many of you wish it was a 5-speed?

    I have to say after riding a Honda for a while, the five speed was great. I am becoming more of a fan toward the 4-speed.
  6. crfspirop

    Rear suspension

    Thanks for the info. I know the guys at Devol fairly well. How did the suspension turn out, front and rear. Royce is a good guy I will give him a calland see if he can't help me out.
  7. crfspirop

    new motors?

    Sweet! Then I got factory parts on my 450 as well. I think my dealer ordered a bunch of 450's from the Kawasaki Factory. I am sure glad my dealer orders from Kawasaki. I wouldn't want to know what it would be like to ride one that didn't come from the Factory.
  8. crfspirop

    Stock Bars - Width, Height, Pullback?

    I thought they are a Windham bend. We I spec them out they measure about the same.
  9. crfspirop

    new motors?

    OK, I have been thinking and its stupid for us to argue about who's right and who's is wrong. We all are right and wrong in are own ways of thinking. About the motor thing, non of us work for the Kawasaki race team so know one is right for sure. We can all agree that Kawasaki has done some new things to find more power. I apologize if I have offended anyone. I don't mean to point the finger I think we are all right about certain aspects of the motor. Let's start over: Look at it this way we all ride Kawasaki (maybe) so we made the right decision as to what bike to ride.
  10. crfspirop

    new motors?

    I think Mxmike and motomouth should stay out of this forum until you know what you guys are talking about. You didn't back me up on the PC reply that I left earlier in the post, I don't appreciate the bashing and by the way I was born before 1984 kid! What you said above is all I was trying to say earlier. PC did develop the motor from the engineering the already had from the 250f team. Look at Langston's 250f it has about as much power as your stock 450f, Why not let someone that knows how to build works engines build them. I don't think that Ricky had a hard time keeping up because of the newly built-up motor. Remember 95% rider to 5% bike; Just wasn't Ricky's day. If we are getting technical about new motors. I bet Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki will all have new motors next race. They are always putting new motors in the bikes and researching to get more power out of them all the time.
  11. crfspirop

    new motors?

    Duh. And those are not factory motors that produce more power. All I am saying is that Kawasaki has not made a more powerful motor all of a sudden. Its a Pro Circuit motor that produces more power.
  12. crfspirop

    48 rear sprocket

    I like the 49t as well.
  13. crfspirop

    new motors?

    They are meaning that Pro Circuit has found ways to squeeze more juice out of the engine, then in the past. That motor that James runs isn't stock so don't get ideas that Kawasaki has done things different. The stock motor has enough power for the average Joe.
  14. crfspirop

    Check this europe kawi video out...

    Thats sick! Like how the bike is clean at the end.
  15. crfspirop

    Rear suspension

    Is that the Devol adjustable lowering link? What setting do you have it on, to make the ride more stable?