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  1. They do ok in the sand too, if you have a 14 paddletrak and lots of energy/skill. I'm too old for this but sure do like it! Be sure to see the roosts @ 1:46 & 1:54. Hondayamahakawisakisuzuki got nuthin for this (except maybe the "Boosa.") http://youtu.be/VrQDxAeSvmI
  2. Who, me? http://youtu.be/C-qFLSPHpzw This is on my Triumph Tiger 800XC. It's your typical 95HP, 130MPH dirtbike...
  3. Oh yeah, one more thing~ There have been people who have "traded up" to the 1200 TEX, only to return to the 800cc bike. While the shaft drive is brilliant, the weight penalty is just not worth it. Weight difference between the 2 bikes is 100 lbs. That's like dragging along a passenger. One of my concerns was the rear whell integrity with only 32 spokes. It has been unfounded (but I've only jumped it a couple times. Less than 4' vertically.) The 800XC is truly a "DO IT ALL BIKE" It even rides on the twistys too... not bad for a dirtbike... http://youtu.be/C-qFLSPHpzw
  4. I've had my 800XC for 17 months. Ridden across country with it. Done 16K miles with it. Great bike! I've fire roaded it (it likes these best.) I've ridden in deep soft sand (It DOES NOT like this.) Haven't tried mud yet (and most likely, never will.) In SoCal, ya know. Creek crossing? I live ina desert! The stock tires (B-Stone BW-502 rear & BW-501 front) do okay on the street, and are terrible in dirt. Heidi's are much better, but are both bias ply. (Reduced speed rating.) The B-Stones are~ Radial on the rear, and BIAS on the front. This causes the front to wear out quicker than the rear. When I bought my Tiger, I had visions of having more fun offroad. The reality is, it's a 500 lb bike. Like dancing with a 500 lb woman, ya gotta be careful! I have~ Heated grips (use 'em as needed.) Topbox (it's so heavy that it's only on when traveling long distances.) Centerstand (strictly for convenience.) and most important~ an Airhawk pneumatic seat pad.( This thing is beyond great.) In 16,600 miles, I've gone through 3 front tires and 2 rear tires. Wonder why??? http://youtu.be/sTxdE498Lws
  5. I'd wait until it's not miserable temperaturewise. Oh yeah, 15, 76, S2 be done with it. I was on Palomar 4 hours ago. It was still 88F @ Mothers. Rain maybe this weekend?
  6. NORTY


    So, is this where the Triumph Tiger should go forumwise? I got one and like it (so far.) Gotta find some more aggressive dirt tires for it though. I think it'll roost once out on some fire roads. I doubt it'll see an MX track though.
  7. NORTY

    Ossa enduro bike?

    Is that the new "Phantom?" I remember the old Plonker. It was a bitch to start!
  8. NORTY

    2013 500exc fuel line keeps splitting

    True, it's not a motor failure, it's just a fuel line that is belching raw gasoline onto a hot engine. You've never had to deal with a fuel fed fire on a bike have you? I have on a 250 CZ, back in 1975. Yeah, maybe the racing gasoline was different back then but don't forget~ Gasoline is drilled, refined, cracked, filtered, transported to do one thing and one thing only, and that's BURN. 1 gallon of gasoline vaporized has the explosive power of 14 sticks of TNT (that's trinitrotoluene.) So go ahead, don't bother with a known issue. While you're at it, you can save weight by removing your brake rotors and calipers... Jesus, some people just need to be taught like a juror...
  9. Does a Triumph 800XC qualify as a dirtbike? Well, maybe not, but it's marketed as such (kinda.)
  10. OP~ Because of your size and previous dirtbike experience, I'd say either the Triumph 800 Tiger XC if you do a fair amount of street work, or a KTM 500 (plated) if it's mostly dirtwork you will do.
  11. NORTY

    2013 500exc fuel line keeps splitting

    I'm about to pull the trigger ona new 500 myself. Glad I found out about this now as it should have been sorted during developement. Now, I'm looking @ Husky...
  12. NORTY

    New 2013 KTM 500 EXC Protection

    Hey guys, please contact the NHTSA about the fuel line issue. This is a safety issue and warrants a recall.
  13. Sorry, it's been A LOT of years (40+) since I swung a leg over an SL 70! I thought I spelled it correctly as Castler but evidently, it's "Cassler." I don't remember it working very well as it echoed throughout the forest!
  14. NORTY

    Ktm 500 Exc?

    350 weighs 11 pounds less than the 500.
  15. I've ridden with Larry Roeseler before. Well, ok, he flew past me in the "King of the Desert" event many years ago. That boy can ROOST! Even in the sand!