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    Dualsport 525?

    John, I noticed you live in Spokane, Im in seattle and really want to get a 525 EXC or MXC plated.....is yours plated in WA state? How did you do it? Did you plate it new or used? Can i tag one in Idaho then transfer it to WA? Thanks Kevin
  2. Live in WA State and just rode my brothers 426 for the first time. That was a mistake....first thing I did when I got home was polish up my DRZ 400-S and put it up for sale. The only reservation I have is that I like the ability to ride the DRZ on county and dirt roads where a street tag is required. So the question is: Does anyone out there have a YZ 426 or 450 that is licensed in WA state, and if you do how did you get it licensed? Can it be done to a used bike or is it easier to do through a dealership? Ive heard that many times it depends on which DMV you go to. If thats the case does anyone know of a particularly easy DMV??
  3. eazygoin22

    All Black YZ450

    That bike is absolutely SICK. Good work.