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  1. pondpond

    DRC IC Relay - Wiring Diagram - Install Help!

    Got it installed, thanks!!!! All working good, I like the DRC better then the 12 o'clock one, blinks a little faster! more like stock. I noticed the 12 o'clock was a little slower of a blink then stock. Although it is truly plug and play compared to the DRC.
  2. Got my DRC IC Relay to get my new LED blinkers working. But it didn't come with directions on installing for the CRF250L. I am in need of what wire goes to what on the stock blinker. Colors for installing, what gets tied into what! Thanks! Eric
  3. pondpond

    Acerbis Universal Supermoto Front Fender

    Very nice!!! Looks real good!
  4. pondpond

    Luggage and Racks for CRF250L

    Well finally found a solution for mounting a Givi case to a CRF250L. The universal Monokey mount from Givi will fit right on the rear rack I got from crfsonly.com. Install was easy. Rear Rack I got here: http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/290_296/products_id/4876 Universal Adapter : http://www.twistedthrottle.com/givi-e250-monokey-topcase-adapter-plate-universal-model-triumph-tiger-moto-guzzi-california-bmw-r1200gs-adventure Here is the case : http://www.twistedthrottle.com/givi-b33-monokey-topcase-ea-33-liters-case I like it, not too big, and still look good on the bike. Attached are pictures of the mount and bike. Eric
  5. pondpond

    Corbin Seat - Installed

    I can say the Corbin Seat is awesome, worth the money for me. And if you ever ride two up (I don't, but did try it), the person ridding on back will be happy with the Corbin, it is wider and more cushion. I am 6', 200lbs, I would think anyone shorter then me with the Corbin installed would not be happy, as it does at some height to the inseam when standing. I looked at the Seat Concept, but have had Corbins in the past and have been very happy. Price is only problem!
  6. pondpond

    EJK - Wiring Error?

    Tech support responded quick! Hi Eric, The EJK flashing Green no 1 and Red no 8. This is normal on the CRF250L and most Hondas. Honda keeps the injector circuit hot when the key is in the on position, when most other manufactures have the injector powered on the fuel pump circuit. So, everything is fine. All Normal!
  7. I would like to add some hard cases to my CRF250L (Givi). So far I cant find anything that I can use to mount them to the bike, at least nothing custom fit for the CRF250L yet. Anyone know of anything? I have seen the Denali Racks on CRFsonly.com, but they aren't to my liking. Anyone use any of the universal kits from Givi or SW-Motech with luck on our bike yet? Looking for something like this (just an example).
  8. pondpond

    EJK - Wiring Error?

    OK, thanks for clarification, I should have read directions again, and again!
  9. pondpond

    EJK - Wiring Error?

    I just installed a new EJK in my CRF250L, install was pretty easy, two plugs and ground, hard to screw that up...... but.... When I turn on the key, I get the red and green flashing like there is a connection issue. I verifies (about a dozen times) that I had it wired up right. Bike would still start and run good. So my question is if the EJK has a wiring problem and throwing an error, will the bike even be able to start? I got an email in EJK Tech support also, figured I would try the forums also. THX!
  10. pondpond

    Crf 250l aftermarket plastics?

    Just ordered some from the site, left and right with shipping to US was $48.89 after the conversions to Dollars. Email said 2-3 week shipping. Wish they had Black ones, but White will work!
  11. pondpond

    Corbin Seat - Installed

    You bet! Grew up in Rhinelander!
  12. pondpond

    Corbin Seat - Installed

    Sorry for the late reply guys! Was out of town the past 4 days. Here is some answers to the questions posted, I will get some more pics uploaded tonight! The fork covers are the universals, fit perfect in black http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/11/54/704/11726/DPITEM/Adventure-Touring-Replacement-Plastic-Acerbis-Lower-Fork-Covers.aspx Front fender is a universal one, real easy to install. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/10/207/10017/DPITEM/Dirt-Bike-Motocross-Replacement-Plastic-Acerbis-Front-Fender.aspx I have no preferences on vendors or the links above. in fact best site I like for finding specific CRF250L gear is the http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/index.php Tires are (I am 90% street riding, only have limited miles on them so far, but noticed way better street handling and way quieter then stock knobbies! - Dunlop TR91 Trailmax Dual Sport TCI guard is very nice, good fit and solid finish on it. I mam not a big fan of all the red on the bike, just a personal preference. Still looking for someone to make side covers for the plastic red in black ! Thanks for the comments!! Great to find this site!
  13. pondpond

    Corbin Seat - Installed

    I figured I would post a pic of my CRF250L with new Corbin Seat installed. Stock one on top. Seat is larger, and more comfortable. Only problem is price and 3 week lead-time in getting it! Installed good and fits tight. BTW - Newbie to this forum, love it!