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  1. utah

    I’d also suggest buying a Lectron Carb, I’m gonna do that myself when I get some extra $$. Simplifies everything.
  2. utah

    What kind of carb work? If needed I'm sure I can help walk you through fixing it. They aren't that bad once you've done it once or twice, Just a giant Pain in the butt.
  3. So a bunch of liberals are still whining over the land being returned to Utah, you know so Utah can decide what to do with our lands. Guess they got really mad when someone outside of the Divider In chief (Obama) started abusing his powers and ripping lands and forcing Refugees onto his political opponents. Yet when the President Returns the lands to the people who requested it be returned liberals freak out because how dare he give the power back to the people! Also pretty tired of non Utah Residents who don't know anything about Utah commenting on this. Y'all ain't a part of Utah you know the state that the feds own 80% of. Would suck if the feds were to own 80% of your state. You know it also had me thinking, why is it the Democrats want statues of Confederate Generals removed and monuments to the Confederate soldiers (You know the ones that were made US Veterans in the 50's) because "they were conquered" yet we have conquered the Native Tribes here in the US and yet we give them land to rule as their own and now they want to expand their power. So in honesty what are limits of destroying history do we go to? DO we honor a bunch of people we beat not he battlefield and take away all their monuments or do we preserve our history? Either way gonna duo my best to stop these liberals trying to dictate their own beliefs that no one in Utah follows.
  4. That's why I use a 30.06, Mine has killed Commies in Korea .
  5. Depending on the Year of the YZ Yamaha did change some things on the CDI in 2007 I think it was, and the X CDI maybe a little more robust but my understanding is that it is a YZ with very minor changes to the motor. You are also more use to a 300 which has a way different motor characteristics, modding a two stroke for enduro is much easier and cheaper than with the four stroke. But with the changing the two smoke to the trails, well yeah with a light flywheel you wouldn't have the torque needed but works great on the track, it's just like modding any four stroke, so I agree a fly wheel weight and then the throttle gotta be able to manage the power. As I've said before I'm not slamming the four stroke, love them I just prefer the two stroke and with a 125 the power isn't overly aggressive but you gotta ride it as such. But I agree I have never bent a valve on my two stroke or had to replace a cam chain though I have had to replace gas a lot. Which sucks, way too much riding will burn through that stuff didn't think that was possible lol. But I really want to try a Beta 300 I almost bought that bike but I don't have that kind of coin to drop, the KTM no thanks, suspension sucks and people gush over them like glocks and turns me away.
  6. I have the 2016 YZ250x, while yes they did change the transmission to a wide ratio which lengthened some gears the the power delivery is roughly the same. The YZ and YZx are virtually the same bike motor wise. All you do to change some of the power characteristics is throw in a heavier flywheel weight I put into mine a 8.4 OZ GTYR and then I change my throttle to the G2 throttle with a Mud cam. So I'm running the same motor Chad Reed used to win the Supercross on his last 2 stroke win, it's just with those changes it takes it from being a monster that can jump a triple coming out of the corner and making it smooth out the throttle, the motors aren't softened as you say, it's that the power delivery is changed, with throttle and usually displacement. The best offroad two stroke is a 300 cc as it has good amount of low end and still has the weight advantages. You also are looking at the different power deliveries of the four stroke compared to the two stroke, I own two 2001 WR250f's yes they were the original four stroke enduro bikes. The power delivery is far different as it has that low end torque but is heavy as shit, even my buddy's 2015 WR250f is heavy compared to my two stroke and to me bounces around more than my YZX. Now I do run my husky WR144 off road and only time I have issues with the power delivery is when I have a short run at a hill, the 125 doesn't have that low end meat, that is really nice for offroad use, and other than a 144 kit you wont get it. What you lack in low end torque you make up for in handling and most the time costs and maintenance time. With every bike you have pro's and Cons. I enjoy both bikes don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with four strokes or two strokes. I'm finding myself to prefer the two stroke because the parts are cheaper and they are easier to work on.
  7. Outgrow the power? Um what? a 125 has plenty of power and me being 5'9 220 Lbs (Post deployment I found McDonalds and it was a great love affair) I have a 2012 Husky WR144 amongst many other bikes, which has a little more low end but basically the same and I have not "grown out" of that power. 125 will last you for many years, even putting in a 144 kit will extend the life of the bike making it a good investment. Also the YZ you can still get parts very easily, Since you are saying you want it for trails well there you'll have to spend some money unless you get a specific bike like my WR144 for the trails. A MX four stroke is just as crappy as a MX Two stroke off road, as they have different valving for the suspension and the power delivery is different. You would spend roughly the same amount to change a MX anything to a trail machine then to start off with a trial machine.
  8. I'm running the G2 Throttle with the Mud Cam, and the GTYR 8.4 Oz Flywheel. Love them, really changed her gave her the down low grunt she needed but also made her easier to control. I installed my Flywheel weight with the Tusk puller not issues, took about 30 or 45 mins because i was watching a video how to do it.
  9. Those look like the tire spacers..
  10. Dude tell you what, if you need a place to turn wrenches give me a buzz. I am not saying I am a top of the line garage but you know I got a work space to turn the wrenches and I take my oil up to Jiffy lube for disposal anyways they don't charge anything to do it. Which reminds me I need to drop the 6 gallons of used oil off.
  11. You know that stuff only takes less than an hour to change, the fluids and such. Plus if you have a tire changing stand (Just got one for christmas love it!) you can have it done within 1.5 hours maybe 2. Why not save the money and do it yourself?
  12. This my friend is why I have to change my brake pads every season! Love those power.
  13. Lets see, Radiator Guard, Skid Plate, I run bark busters but I'm use to trees and lots of rocks, Oversized tank, FMF Gnarly pipe, FMF Q you gotta have that Spark Arrestor as the stock doesn't have one in it, G2 Throttle Cam, 8.4 OZ Flywheel, Jet her and pretty much your favorite handlebars. It's what I did to my X to get her 100% ready for the trails. I would suggest the G2 throttle initially unless you like the Zero to Mach Bajesus by quarter throttle. The G2 throttle will just make the throttle more manageable. But Good buy my friend! Happy trails!
  14. So I've been here in Utah for 3 years and I've usually stuck to my favorite tires for Washington State, which is the Michelin S12 rear (Starcross Soft Now) and M12 front (Starcross Medium). I'm usually at 5 mile (only riding buddy loves it and I just like riding, but I'm trying to find a decent tire for places like Cherry Creek and American Fork Canyon along with 5 Mile. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at getting the Starcross Medium for the front and possible the Hard for the rear or getting the Maxxis Maxx cross Desert tire for the rear and the Medium Starcross for the front. All help would be greatly appreciated. P.S forgot to mention I am running a 2016 YZ250x.
  15. I've been wearing them for years, well since 2003 with the Shift Recon Pants, but because they keep adding zip offs I can't find a decent set as I prefer them over the in the boot. I use to wear them being originally from Washington State and we would do a lot of Scuba-Cross (deep puddles and just wet all over) it would keep water out of my boots and keep my feet fairly dry, plus the big cargo pockets could hold several rags to wipe goggles and face off with. I just wish more companies would product over the boot pants that aren't zip offs, maybe bring back the Thor Ride set.