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  1. Clutch250f

    RK Tech Head for a YZ250x Review

    Not really heat issues as I stated my bike likes to run hot, I’m also at over 5,000 feet elevation and in a desert. Which does contribute to the heat dissipation problem, which is why I was looking at a super cooler from Boyesen. Nothing that is cause engine problems just running hot.
  2. Clutch250f

    RK Tech Head for a YZ250x Review

    It did, I got massive gains through out the motor, just the motor likes to be run more in the mid range, sorta that weird spot between mid and low, hard to explain the feeling of it.
  3. So I have a 2016 YZ250x that I have bought brand new in 2016, absolutely love this bike from the get go. So currently the mods I have on it is the FMF Gnarly and Shorty Silencer, 8.4oz Flywheel weight, G2 Throttle Tube with the Mud Cam installed and some various armor on the bike. I tell you that so you know how the bike was set up, now I did notice on the YZ250x there were some flat spots in the power and where it felt sluggish throughout the power band, heat disappation issues and some minor jetting problems. These issues were making me consider getting a Lectron Carb and a Eric Gorr 300cc Kit, roughly $1000 total to fix these problems. Well I was watching YouTube and say the dirt bike channel doing a review of the RK Tech Head. That got me interested and I went to the website thought this is a pretty cool aluminum head no idea how good it’ll be but it’s cool looking. It wasn’t until two months later when my dad purchased a TC250 and was thinking of getting did he start talking to me about it and sent me some reviews and convinced me to try it. I called up RK tech which is out of Idaho and spoke to the owner himself. Very knowledgeable about his product and how to best set it up for your bike, to the jetting you should run and where you will see improvements in the powerband. It was great speaking with him as he spoke to you like a normal person and avoided a lot of technical speak, he always asked what kind of gas you run which I thought was great, as he sets the heads up for this. I currently am running the Ethanol Free Gas from Maverick (88 Octane the same Octane he designed the head for). I ordered then and there, and he had it shipped to me. Being from Utah it only took 2 days (Ordered it Thursday had it Friday afternoon). Which that shipping will vary as he does ship it USPS. My first reaction upon opening the box was holy crap this thing look trick! As you can see in the pictures it is anodized blue, looks sharp. The inner head has a very interesting pattern to it as compared to the stock head (See Pictures) which improve the flow of the head and has better compression thus making your head more efficient for the detonation of the piston. So after work, I changed out of my Shorts and sweatshirt (I work from home and my wife requires I wear pants, the party pooper) went to the garage and began putting it together. Disassembly is basic, followed the manual to the T, added some dielectric grease to the gasket ring and star cross pattern the nuts back on. Though I did snap all the engine mount bolt when I tightened them to the Manual specs, so be careful with that, though Lowes will thank you for your patronage. After bolting everything together I fired her up, and wow did she sound mean! Seriously there was a noticeable voice change of the motor, to a deeper and meaner sounding. Sorta reminds me the sound the old Factory Two Strokes made when they were fired up. Even though I have the G2 Throttle with the Mud Cam in, the throttle response was improved, I took it for a quick spin in the neighborhood to make sure nothing would fall off then put her back. Then the next day I went to the track, first ride! All I can say is A) I don’t ride track much and pretty much suck at it, the low end torque was vastly improved over the stock, the bike ran like a champ in the mid and I never got her up top due to the track being tight. The following day I took her to 5 Mile or the desert where I normally ride. Holy crap! The improvements all around the board was amazing! It felt not only stronger but almost felt like I put a 300 kit on her. Improvements were everywhere, bottom, mid and top. It eliminated all the flat spots of the powerband, smoothing the powerband out. It also helped my heat problem, (My bike likes to run hot). The power was shifted for me from that point of low torque to more mid to high range, not a negative just thought I’d put that out. So in all I would recommend this part to everyone with a YZ, it did an amazing job transforming my bike into a fire breather and more fun to ride, also saved me about $700 as I don’t need the 300 kit or the Lectron Carb. So Give RK Tech a call or go to their website https://www.2strokeheads.comI’m not sponsored by them at all, but just want to put the word out to support these guys as they do wonderful work. Pros: Easy installation Looks Factory Massive Improvements across the board Fixed the jetting issues Fixed some of the heating dissipation issues Cons: Changed the power delivery to more Mid to Top Does change the voice of the bike to being a little louder (Not really an issue I just am digging to make this list)
  4. Clutch250f

    Lectrons worth it on YZ250s?

    So I own a Lectern for my Husky WR144, I swear by it. I was going to get one for my YZX just didn't as I just did a RK Tech Head and it fixed most of my issues but I may still save my pennies and get one as I freakin hate jetting. With my Lectron I went from Sea Level to 5000 feet (Moved Seattle to Salt Lake City) I called up Lectron and he told me where to position everything and Bam, it was dialed and I never touched it. It was like Fuel Injection for a two stroke. Some of the cons with the Lectron is because it simplifies jetting you don't get the ability to fine tune the carb, best example I can think of is like digging a hole in your front yard, if you use a back hoe yeah you made a hole it was fast and to size you wanted, but it's not as pretty as what you could make with a shovel. But if you aren't a Pro level rider honestly you can't tell the difference. Plus if you shift elevations a lot, it's your best friend.
  5. Clutch250f

    Front sprocket won’t turn on a 2015 WR250f

    Dude you are a lifesaver!! I hope that is the case and I save my buddy the $$ of me having to split his cases! I can not thank you enough for telling me.
  6. Clutch250f

    Front sprocket won’t turn on a 2015 WR250f

    She shifts freely, it was stuck in second but it started moving. But I’ll do that dump the oil and the side cover and try that. Thanks a ton man!
  7. So little back story on this. So I’m pretty much my buddy’s personal mechanic, I enjoy working on bikes and he has the mechanical ability of gold fish. So we went riding the other weekend and he hit a rock pretty hard on his rear sprocket. Bent his rear sprocket by half an inch. I thought that was it, replace the full set front and rear and new chain. Well it didn’t dawn on me when I was removing the front sprocket that it wasn’t free moving. So after I replaced it and putting the chain on I noticed I couldn’t move the chain easily, well let me rephrase that she don’t move. Tried everything and nothing. I’m hopin we didn’t bend the shaft but maybe you guys have some other ideas or can give some pointers for me since I’ve never split cases or really have the tools.
  8. Clutch250f

    YZ250 won’t idle

    Do some research, they're the most resold carb ever. Many many people can't get them to work well at small throttle openings for trail riding. They're great for drag racing and dune bikes/quads. My guess is you've never used one. As I have ridden tight trails to open desert, both with a CR500 and a WR144, both were perfect jetting. So no I from everything I've read and seen they are great carbs.
  9. Clutch250f

    YZ250 won’t idle

    I'm rather lost with this comment. Lectrons are like fuel injection for two strokes, I've used them on my 144 and my dad's 500. Far easier to use than any other Carb, a slider and a fuel screw. If you have issues then you call the company; don't know how much easier it is than that.
  10. Clutch250f

    YZ250 won’t idle

    I say spend the money and get a Lectron. It'll be the best $420 you'll spend. I have one on my Husky WR144, and I'm saving my pennies for one for my YZ250x.
  11. Clutch250f

    Where to Ride Near SLC

    There are a lot of riding depending on what you want to do; but here is a website I found when I moved here. It is really helpful as it breaks everything down and gives you directions. http://www.dirtbikeutah.net
  12. Yeah So I have a lectron Carb on my WR144 all you have is a slide and a screw to mess with the "jetting" hence why I say it's like Fuel Injection on a Two stroke. Plus Lectron if you order from them will actually set the Carb up for you before they ship it to you. Just watch out they are a bit pricey but 100% worth the money. But for the stock carb you may have gotten water in there if you pressure wash your bike, So I'm agree with Turbo Dan, that it might be a problem but not very likely. I'd suggest you pull the jets and put them in a bowel of vinegar to clear out any potential clogging or water build up.
  13. Clutch250f

    Yz125 sputtering/bogging

    I'll probably just get too frustrated and bring it to a shop At the time I think my dad was ready to throw it in a lake lol. But I put a 290 kit into it and the 03 Cam Shaft in it and it changed it 100%. Now I broke the carb and can't keep fuel in it lol. So I'm sorry I don't know where that spreadsheet is, but hopefully you can kill that bog.
  14. Clutch250f

    Yz125 sputtering/bogging

    I'm just confused to why it just recently started doing this, my pilot is a 40 and stock is 35 i think. Maybe I need to get a smaller pilot to start? I know there is a Jetting Spreadsheet somewhere on Thumper Talk, I can't remember where though so I will apologize for that, but sometimes bikes are finicky, my 2001 WR250f was a beast to jet, we would have to reset the bike mid ride and we didn't change elevation just changed temperature. So I know how frustrating it is.
  15. Clutch250f

    Yz125 sputtering/bogging

    Sounds like you are running fat, check and make sure you are running the right jets from the Pilot to your main. If that doesn't help you may want to look into either a JD Jetting kit, or maybe a Lectron Carb. But I'm pretty sure your jets are not what they should be.