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  1. ImEazy

    Packing extra fuel

    I carry two 32oz. MSR bottles as well. I made a case for them. Works well. It keeps them from getting beat up on the trail.
  2. ImEazy

    Lifan 200cc Wiring Harness Help

    Or www.chinariders.net There is an individual that put one in a XR200 there as well. Good luck!
  3. ImEazy

    kazuma 200

    Here ya go... http://www.chinariders.net/
  4. ImEazy

    A few questions regarding a Chinese bike

    Yep, I added an inch of foam to the top of the seat and went with fabric instead of vinyl. Got tired of having a sweaty a$$. It's like sitting on a couch literally. My dad is an upholsterer and this was the only color he had unfortunately. Can't argue for free.
  5. ImEazy

    A few questions regarding a Chinese bike

    It's pretty much the same here in Ohio as well. Here's a link to the Ohio BMV website... http://bmv.ohio.gov/driver_license/mc_lic.htm
  6. ImEazy

    A few questions regarding a Chinese bike

    As Frank mentioned yes you will need a motorcycle license. If you get a dual purpose bike that has all the lights, signals etc. it should come with a MSO. I have a Chinese 200cc dual sport that is registered here in Ohio. I had to sign a paper stating that it had all the required safety equipment and was charged an additional $7 to have the new title read "motorcycle" rather than "offroad only". I have it insured through American Family for $75 a year liability only. I bought the bike off ebay almost two years ago for $1070 shipped to my door. Check out http://www.chinariders.net more info on china bikes than you will ever need. A pic of my bike... good luck to you.
  7. Here ya go... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2984983237984172859
  8. The AMA membership is $39 a year. http://www.amadirectlink.com/whatis/whatis.asp
  9. ImEazy

    Best way to carry more gas.

    MSR fuel bottles http://www.msrcorp.com/stoves/bottles.asp
  10. ImEazy

    electronic dash help

    The Vapor looks nice. http://trailtech.net/motorcycle_vapor_kits.html Some info on using a bicycle computer. http://www.trailtechproducts.co.uk/store/mcfaq.htm
  11. ImEazy

    bike stand or jack?

    That's a bummer on the bucket. What about a cargo strap or two over the rafters and under the frame? That is if you have a garage. Might be an idea...
  12. ImEazy

    bike stand or jack?

    I will tell you that my GY required two milk crates and then the front end still touched the ground. Might be better to try a 5 gallon bucket. I have one but never tried it. They sell them at the hardware store for a few dollars. Hope this helps...
  13. Here's the link... http://cycle-analyst.com/Sweet_Cheeks.htm
  14. I think it was the Sachs Madass...
  15. ImEazy

    Best Rear View Mirrors

    Here's a link to ones that attach to your hand, not your arm. I was thinking about trying one but never got around to making the purchase. http://www.ridegear.com/rg/item/F-2918/Hand_Mirrors.html?ref=eRev+page=/shop/Snow_Mirrors/F-2918_Hand_Mirrors.html