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  1. JeteNuts

    too big?

    would a crf 230 be too big for a 13 yr old whos right at 5 foot tall and about 150 lbs?
  2. JeteNuts


    Hey Hondaracer, sent you a PM...look at my signature!
  3. JeteNuts

    Selling 230 how much could i get

    im selling mine now, and im asking/starting at 2300
  4. JeteNuts

    We need a new riding area in Mid Atlantic

    have you all tried the loop at Green Ridge State Forest in MD?
  5. JeteNuts

    Paragon Closed!!!!!

    Paragon is probably the best place on the east coast close to me! there goes my place to ride and take the 4wd out to! D@MN lawyers.
  6. JeteNuts

    06 230f

    they are 3200 OTD here
  7. JeteNuts

    how much

    i might start about 2500 or 2600!! anyone interested? let me know
  8. JeteNuts

    how much

    i have my 05 crf230 thats in excellent condition, almost brand new and only about 6 or 7 hours on it! i have added handguards and a uni filter and thats all! how much do you all believe i should be able to get out of it if i sell it which i am??
  9. JeteNuts

    rear brake

    how hard is it to take apart the drum?
  10. JeteNuts

    rear brake

    my rear brakes now all of a sudden do not work at all! what sucks about it is that i learned this while i was riding the other day on the trails....however they were fine the evening before when i was riding around the house...what could be the problem? i have no clue, i know the pads aren't bad....but when the brake lever is pushed in there are no brakes? does it have to do with the stupid drum brakes?
  11. JeteNuts

    Winchester V.A.

    i live in winchester....usually we run to the George Washington Nat'l forest the trails there arent too bad especially for being free! Ive never been to the cove but i want to go!
  12. hi guys, i just purchased a uni filter for my 230 but i forgot to get the oil for the filter however being that it is a foam filter i have some air filter oil from True flow left over at my house from the intake they make for my truck...and the true flow is also a foam filter! would i be okay to use this oil instead of having to buy the UNI oil? thanks
  13. JeteNuts


    yeah my friend rides a KTM 450!
  14. JeteNuts


    awesomodrumboy- how do you like the bbr rev box? does it work? im looking into ordering one soon but dont know if its worth the 50 bucks?