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  1. yamaharider324

    why i dont ride woods.......

    I would have left it there... its just a free flag for the dunes!
  2. yamaharider324

    New DRZ owner.. Tire question

    You can go bigger. I have a 160/65 I believe on mine right now. 150's seem to be the popular choice though but they don't make the michelin pilot power 2ct in a 150 so I bought the 160 and there is no rubbing or any problems with it.
  3. yamaharider324

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Yesterday I put on my new Pilot Power 2ct's Can't wait to take it out for a test ride today!
  4. yamaharider324

    150/60 or 160/60 pilot power?

    No I don't expect it to last much longer then that. I killed the sides of my front pirelli dragon supercorsa sc2.. they are complete slicks. lol
  5. yamaharider324

    150/60 or 160/60 pilot power?

    I've never road a with a 150, is there any noticeable difference? My bike came with that rear tire on it and its pretty much shot after about 3000 miles.
  6. yamaharider324

    150/60 or 160/60 pilot power?

    That's what I was also thinking, thanks!
  7. yamaharider324

    150/60 or 160/60 pilot power?

    I'm ordering a new set of tires soon for my 05 sm and am not sure which size rear to go with. Right now I have a pirelli scorpion sync 160/60-17 and it doesn't rub or anything. Should I go with the 160/60 or the 150/60? I'm getting a matching 120/70 pilot power front also to match.
  8. yamaharider324

    2000 yz 125 worth $1400?

    That bike is NOT a 04 more like a mid to upper 90's bike.
  9. yamaharider324

    SNOW!!! 14" as of 8:00 in central New Jersey.

    1 hour north of NYC and have only gotten about 2 inches...
  10. yamaharider324

    How Many Miles Do You Put On Your DRZ A Year?

    I put about 2500 miles on it this year from may 09 to august 09.
  11. yamaharider324

    Replacement horn?

    Thanks guys, I'll check into the wiring and such and see if I can make it work.
  12. yamaharider324

    Replacement horn?

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for a replacement horn because my stock one crapped out on me. When I push the button the horn makes a "ticking" sound like it wants to work, but nothing else happens. I think it happened when I rode it in the rain a few times because it used to work when it wanted to now doesn't work at all. Anyone have a good replacement that is relatively cheap? Its for a 400sm by the way. Thanks
  13. yamaharider324

    need my wittle truck to sound better

    My friend has a 2001 dodge dakota v6 and had no exhaust after the cat. It sounded cool for awhile but I got tired of hearing it and he eventually got a ticket for it so now its quiet again.
  14. yamaharider324

    ~19" of SNOW

    I'm about 1hr north of NYC and all we got was a dusting...
  15. yamaharider324

    Kx500! Cr500! Ktm550!

    I believe it stands for aluminum frame.