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  1. glenn77 Yeah I'd checked out that mapping thread, alot of options for power settings, but trying to get a better idea of how much this affects the performance, Am hoping I can detune the bike and make it easy to ride, this would be cheaper than getting a 250 and 6 - 12 months later wanting the 450. The last bike I had was a 450 honda 05 model, but my local track then was hard pack, If I was still at that track I would go for the 250f no question but because this is sand, would be good to have a shot of both but am new to the area and don't know anybody yet .
  2. Getting back into mx after a 3 year break, am lucky enough to be able to get a new bike and its got to be yamaha, So the wise choice would be the 250f, am not as fit as I need to be and the only tracks that is good for me to sign up to is a good sand track. I would prefer to own the 450, The guy at the dealership told me you can realy tame the power down to make it easyer to ride, Im woundering how much easyer you can make it?. thanks
  3. hello, am getting back into this mx game, got myself an 06 ktm 450 and looking to put it to standerd sus settings (front and rear clickers and high speed damping.....) , i dont have the manual so any info would be a great help. cheers
  4. thanks for the replys!! lol a rag in the airbox. ill look into getting the heaver flywheel, also like the idea of the mild cam i,ve never heard of it before though. I am looking to do this cheap, so i think I,d be either getting the cam if its any good or the rekluse clutch. I like the idea of a 400cc kit but am sure that would cost a fair bit. I think i heard a guy at the tack say once that this guy who tuned mx engines actualy fitted extra head gaskets to smooth the power out.... Ive got like 4 in my garage just now should maby try that also.
  5. hello, I,m getting back into mx after 2 years of injurys 1 bad knee and 1 badly broken left arm and wrist (mountain biking not mx:bonk:). My bike is a 05 crf 450, i like the bike the suspension is set up 4 me and have recently fitted new valves and pistion, i suppose the smart thing to do would be sell it and get a 250f, but i would have to buy 2nd hand and the bike might end up needing lots of money spent on it, also i,m unsure about how i will ride now as my confidence isn,t what it was. So am asking is there a preferrably cheep way to detune my crf 450 that won,t compramise reliability, I know I can change the gearing but before i got hurt I was running it with the longest ratios i could so i cant do more on that front. I,m also considering a slipper clutch as this should make life easyer on my bad arm a little bit. any advise welcome cheers
  6. muzmx

    will 04 carb fit my 06??

    what sort of affect will this have?
  7. muzmx

    will 04 carb fit my 06??

    Aright, will a carburattor from a 04 crf 250 fit my 06, just stripped my bike down to get it ready for the season ahead and found a the carb cracked where the cables go in and it coverd in rust!, owned the bike from oct last year only been on 3 times and found it bogging real bad.... emailed a guy on ebay whos breaking his 04 and has a carb, wanting £100 for it thought i,d better check here first.
  8. muzmx

    Vet Novice switching from 450 to 250...

    well only got 1 days riding on the bike but for me, I think the 250f is awsome!!! the first few sessions I was riding it realy badly bike kept bogging and suspention was way to soft, but the bike felt light and the power was way better than I thought it was going to be. Then I hardend the shocky spring up a bit (didnt have a measure tape to set the sag) and the more i rode the more I liked it, had to consintrate a bit more foe the gear changes and keeping the revs up in tight turns but I realy started engoying that, bye the end of the day i was clearing every jump on the track and had, for me, a fairly good pace going. am going to set the sag up and harden the front up a bit with the clickers, but might have to see about getting harder spring (am 175-180 pounds) cause landing some of the jumps was no fun, going to clean the carb out and see if thay helps the bogging. the power as i said felt pritty good and my bike is total stock, if i feel the need for more power could put some exhausts on it and mayby high compression piston but I had heeps of fun. I would go for it!!
  9. muzmx

    Vet Novice switching from 450 to 250...

    i have just made the switch for pritty much the exact same reasons as you, sold my 06 rmz 450 and have bought a 2nd hand crf 250, not riden it yet but should be riding both days this weekend (weather permitting). I am worried that the bike will feel slow and that it will take some time to change the way i ride, with the 450 theres plenty of power even on half throttle, never riden 125/250f for more than a lap or 2 so having to pin the throttle wide open is not what am used to, aswell as lots of gear changes... i realy want to own both but ill ride it then judge whats best.. but will keep you informed of how it gose on sat.
  10. thanks for the replys people, iv been looking on ebay and iv found this, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SHELL-HELIX-DIESEL-SUPER-15W-40-BOX-OF-12-X-1-ltrs_W0QQitemZ260156321395QQihZ016QQcategoryZ72205QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem the descriptions of this shell oil and the rotella are the same as far i can tell, and thats 12 liters of oil. think am gonna try this.
  11. just reading on another thread about oils and what to use, i have been using pritty much the "best" oil you can buy for my mx 4 strokes, purely out of fear of the thing blowing up premiturly on me, I payed £38 for silcoline pro 4 10W- 40 and £7 for a seperate gearbox oil when i had my 05 crf 450 , now am changing the oil every 2 - 3 hours, i was reading on another post that people are buying "Shell Rotella-T 15-40" for like $6:censored:, (dont know if u can get that over here but am sure i can get something simmiler) (uk) and using that oil in both engine and gearbox sides, is this common and is there any horror storys, iv always thought about it but aired on the side of nothings to good for my bikes engine, but lets face it if u warm your bike up properly and change the oil every few hours how bad can it be, i could be spending £30+ a month on other things.... oh and i just picked up a 2nd hand 06 crf 250r, after selling my 06 suzuki rmz 450, i Havent riden it yet and havent bought new engine / gearbox oils for it yet, havent had a shot but looking forward to riding a 250f for the first time and pleased to be back on a honda...they look much cooler than suzukis:ride:
  12. muzmx

    chain came off cracked my casing!

    thanks for the replays, took the bike to my local shop this morning and the teck thinks he can tig weld it no problem says he will have to get the bike on its side clean it out, weld it up, then clean it down, say it should look ok. find out tonight how he gets on.
  13. muzmx

    06 Rmz 450?

    i always suggest u try and get a shot of the bike first on a track, but know thats not always possable, theres no shortage of power and they like tight turns!
  14. just fitted new chain and sprokets to my bike, when removing chain i noticed a hole had rubbed through on my chain slider at front sproket, no probs only slight wear on the swingarm filled it down orders a new chain slider, weekend arrived part has not arrived and geuss what the suns out for the first time in like a month, so i deside to make a repair to last me for the day just got a old trailer tyre cut a bit of rubber out, placed on swingarm under were hole was ducked taped down so it wouldnt fall out placed chain slider back on fitted new chain. rode bike round street checked if rubber had moved, rubber was secure. got to track done two laps bang! chain off, got stuck around front sproket removed front sproket gaurd removed chain, hole in engine casing where clutch lever gose in! the chain was split at the link, so am not sure if the rubber id put in caused the problem or the clip had not been on correctly (although am sure it was ) either way there is now a hole in my engine casing, not big but when you turn the engine over oil comes out, think this is just oil coming up from the gears, looks like it could be welded easly but the broken pices of the engine casing are still attached and so cant see if theres any damage behind it, and will be difficult to remove as its bent in the way, dont want it falling in:naughty: anyone done this before:excuseme:
  15. i got myself a new rmz 450 06 (good deal) just before chrismas, hadn,t seen the yamaha 450 with the alloy frame, honestly the bike looks awsome, i know what my next bikes gona be...