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  1. JoeMcLaughlin

    Gifford Pinchot Table Mt. Trail #18 Work Party Sunday, Oct 5, 2014

    It has been a long time since I logged in! I ended up going down 18 at the end of the day and what a huge difference. Nice work everyone!!! Joe........
  2. JoeMcLaughlin

    How to tell the difference between a ktm 125sx and a 150sx

    125, 144/150, and 200 all share the same frame. Joe..........
  3. JoeMcLaughlin

    150xc reviews!

    The 150XC can do just fine in the tight technical mudder hare scrambles IMHO. Would a 200 do better well ya but if a 150XC is what you have you will do just fine. The one mod I would say help a 150 in the tight technical mudder is a heavier flywheel, say a 2k2 or a -4 trailtech. Joe...............
  4. JoeMcLaughlin

    How to tell the difference between a ktm 125sx and a 150sx

    Great question, by just looking at the bike it is very hard to know. Looking up the part number stamped on the head would be the easiest to me. Both the 125 and 144/150 cylinder looks the same and are about 92mm in diameter on the outside. Inside is where the difference is. You could also look at the CDI but it is possible to have a 144/150 cdi on a 125. Joe.........
  5. JoeMcLaughlin

    Ktm 380 fork swap?

    Sounds like you have a 98 with the 50mm forks. You can do a swap. The easiest way is to swap the whole front end. Get the triple clamps, forks, front brake assembly, and front wheel. You can go with the 43mm or the newer 50mm. Joe..........
  6. JoeMcLaughlin

    05 ktm 125 sx bogs out of the gate

    Turn in the air screw a little at a time and have him ride it. Keep turning it in until it is crisp off the bottom. Post up you jetting specs. Joe...........
  7. JoeMcLaughlin

    Ktm 125sx

    A lot of variables to look into. So the bike was OK on compression and you did a top end job but now it is low? A little more detail would help narrow things down. What piston kit did you use? Verify you have the piston pointing the right direction, arrow pointing to the exhaust port. Verify rings are installed right, Vertex letter is up. Make sure you torqued the base nut to the cylinder down. There are a few basics to check out. Joe.........
  8. JoeMcLaughlin

    150 sx lighting?

    That is the cheapest option out there and will work just fine for ya. Joe.........
  9. JoeMcLaughlin

    150 sx lighting?

    What kind of light? Simple halogen? If so that Ricky rewind would do the job just fine and a hundred bucks is cheap. Also, you can add a 2k2 or 2k3 stator and flywheel to get lighting power. To run halogen you will need a regulator as well. To run HID you will need a reg rec and if it is a large wattage draw HID you will need the larger 2k3 stator or aftermarket. Joe...........
  10. JoeMcLaughlin


    I have a few of those in the garage. Joe............ Oh ya, 98 up should work just fine. Joe.......
  11. JoeMcLaughlin

    Vertex piston come lip problem.

    That is a strange one. I've used a lot of vertex pistons in just about every KTM engine size without ever seeing that. I would give Vertex a call and send the circlips back. Joe...........
  12. JoeMcLaughlin

    200SX pipe on my 2008XC (hey JoeMcLaughlin & GMOSS)

    Currently running Carb size (38 or 36mm): 39 Slide: 6 Main jet: 188 Pilot Jet: 42 Air screw (turns out): 1.5 Needle model/Clip position: 1470H 1st The Fatty is a far better pipe than the Gnarly. The Gnarly goes flat on top. The Fatty has that SX overrev feel and that feels sooo good. I recently went leaner on the 39mm carb jetting because my son grenaded his 125 engine and I needed a new piston for his 150 engine so he was using my 200 to race. He hated the jetting I was running so I started getting drastic. His 150 is back together now and I had a chance to use my 200 at the 12 hour race a couple weeks ago. The bike ripped with the leaner jetting. I recently pulled the 36mm carb I've had in the garage forever and installed it on the kids 150 with the Boysen reed cage. I am very impressed with the 36mm carb. Great throttle response and still performs in the high RPM. I have not had a chance to use a 36mm on a 200 but I'm liking it so much I may end up buying a 36mm for the 200. To get a base line just look at the newer 200 owners manuals, they are running the 36mm carb OEM on the XC models. Joe..........
  13. JoeMcLaughlin

    08 KTM 144 needle clip postion question

    Sorry, you got it right. I mis read the needle size, not sure how I mis read it;) Regardless, that jetting is very fat, lean it out and I am sure it will run better. Here is a great reference on needles: http://jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/needle_keihin_N427-48.html Joe..........
  14. JoeMcLaughlin

    Will FMF SST pipe fit on a 150 sx?

    For the most part you are right. The 125, 144 /150, and 200 models can all interchange. There are some minor differences than can be overcome. With the SST pipe you have to use the SST muffler. The 125 and 144/150 pipes all have the same diameter stinger. The 150 and 125 pipes are almost the same pipe with very little changes. Joe.........
  15. JoeMcLaughlin

    08 KTM 144 needle clip postion question

    Sound like real fat jetting with a lean needle. Drop that main down to a 202 and the pilot down to a 45. Then drop that R1470H in there on the third clip. If it does not feel good lean out the needle one clip at a time and see how it feels. Joe.........