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  1. He deserves that title just on wins alone nevermind everything else he's accomplished. When someone else surpasses 150 wins in a ten year career then maybe, just maybe, they could earn that nickname. Until then RC is the GOAT!
  2. I met him at his last race at Southwick. Me and my kids stood in line for over 3 hours to get an autograph, then the guy running the autograph show in his camp said the people in front of us were the last to see RC and was going to turn us away. I piped up to the guy that we had a ticket to be in line and had stood there for over 3 hours. The guy said it didn't matter, it was getting late and RC had to get ready for his race. I piped up again to the guy, and this time RC heard me and signaled to the guy to let us through. He was real nice to the kids and signed a bunch of stuff for them and posed for a picture with them. I shook his hand, thanked him for all the incredible memories and wished him good luck on 4 wheels. He literally spent a few minutes with us when he didn't have too. The kids will never forget it. As far as I'm concerned RC was one of a kind and a class act. Then he went out and beat Stewart in both moto's to remain unbeating at Southwick.
  3. MentalMike

    What will RC be remembered on?

    #4 Suzuki. I'll never forget the last time he raced at Southwick in 07. Got his autograph, wished him well on 4 wheels and watched Goose tear down his bike. Then watched him dust James in both moto's!
  4. MentalMike

    Stage 3 HotCams & Athena 280 kit

    Hotcams doesn't make a Stage 3 for the X. I'm currently doing the same mods you are and I decided to go with a 07 R cam mainly because it would give me a broad improvement all around, but especially increase the top end. I figured the big bore would take care of the bottom end.
  5. MentalMike

    250X on the street in CA...

    Got mine done in Connecticut - it was a piece of cake. Best part afterward was sitting at a stop light on my way to the trails in fully loaded gear, and a police officer pulled up right next to me. I'm sure he ran my plate, but there wasn't a thing he could do.
  6. MentalMike

    What was your first big bike?

    A 1975 Maico MD125 then I moved up to a 1979 Yamaha DT250 MX because as a teenager, I thought I was Bob Hannah. I got serious in 1983 with a brand new Honda CR480R. I loved that bike!
  7. MentalMike

    ktm vs japanese bikes in trails

    I ride a 05 CRF250X for tight east coast trails.
  8. MentalMike


    The exposure should be used to teach young riders what not to do. Riding illegally on city streets with no helmets amongst traffic, wheelies or not, gives all responsible riders a bad name. Most of the general public will group all of us together, thus you become like them if you endorse it. I've been riding since the mid seventies and since that time I've seen so many land closures and local communities banding together to fight irresponsible riders just like these guys. The problem is not just confined to the city of Baltimore. If you allow this to go on in your own neighborhood or even practice this same behavior, then don't be surprised when your neighbors approve funding at the next town meeting for additional police enforcement and some cop comes knocking at your door because you just got ratted out. In Connecticut there are practically zero riding area's to speak of, and the state is tougher than most on cracking down on irresponsible rider's. It was not always that way. Be smart, teach the young one's, and don't condone this type of behavior if you want to keep riding.
  9. MentalMike

    HELP - Omnibus Land Bill S22

    TTer's - don't let this opportunity pass to let your voice be heard. We need to speak up and fight for our right to ride on public lands. Filling the form out is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes!
  10. I saw this on another site and wanted to bring this to the riders on TT. It's important that we all fight to keep our riding area's open.
  11. MentalMike

    What's your forum username mean?

    Self Explanatory!
  12. MentalMike

    Learned my lesson...

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I learnt that lesson a long time ago as I too was burned many years ago. Now I don't go anywhere near a stealership unless it's something I absolutely positivly can not do myself. One of the major advantages to working on your bike yourself is after you've completed a task for the first time, it's so much easier the second time around and you gained some knowledge, can take pride in your work and hopefully saved some money. Good luck next time around. Mike
  13. Anyone ever have a Jardine RT-4 exhaust system? Any good on a CRF 250X?
  14. MentalMike

    Pinging noise!?

    If anyone has some advice, I could use it. I'm getting a pinging/rattling noise from my motor when cruising in a higher gear (4th or 5th ) at a steady even throttle ( On the street or wide open fire roads). Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I use the highest octain gas I can buy at the pump. My valves are in spec and I have only had to shim the exhaust valves once and I've never had to touch the intakes. I have meticuliously maintained the bike since I bought it new. The bike is an 05 x with about 95 hours on it and the motor is basically stock and I've had no problems with it so far. A Boyseen Quickshot fixed the bog and it runs great on the tight technical trails and when hitting the high revs and I only hear this pinging/rattling when I'm cruising in a higher gear. Has anyone had a similar issue and what was the fix? Thanks.
  15. MentalMike

    Cheap BBR 120cc Kit

    I don'tr klnow if the price is going to change