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  1. MRSRacing

    YZ250 Too Much?

    I would go with the YZ250. I started out first time rider at age 29 am now 31I had a 2000 KX250 that I started on and have now moved to a 02 YZ250. I ride mostly trial and a little intermediate track once or twice a year. I have a flywheel weight on the YZ which tames the "hit" and with some discipline in your right wrist and left side of the brain than you are good to go. I ride like a mama's boy and have no trouble with the YZ and if I ever get the to ride like the big guys the YZ has it on tap. Cost of maint. and everything else on the YZ is much more friendly as well.
  2. MRSRacing

    Looking for people to ride with in Columbia,SC

    shoot me PM
  3. MRSRacing

    ride at enoree friday6th

    I was pretty pissed this morning when on my morning drive from Columbia to Greenville I pull up on a trailer of bikes and realize it's none other than my good friend Don and his family on the way to ride. It sucks when you are on your way to work and pass your friends a few exits down from one of your favorite riding areas. Oh well maybe next time!
  4. MRSRacing

    Doesn't Anyone Want The KX250

    Sold it last night for $1950:applause:
  5. MRSRacing

    Doesn't Anyone Want The KX250

    It's been up for about 7 weeks. I need to post it in some of the other papers, etc. Still only 1 call = 1 looker. I guess there is the possibility of parting it out but that doesn't sound like much fun to me. It's in such great shape that selling it to someone who will enjoy it whole makes more sense.
  6. XR what year camaro? Have any pic's and details I would be interested in hearing about it.
  7. MRSRacing

    Doesn't Anyone Want The KX250

    I have $3900 and 16 months in the bike with only 10 hrs ride time less than 5 on all the new parts. New sprockets, chain, wheel bearings, bottom end and top end, etc. The bike is extremely strong and in fine condition the reason for the higher price. I can't afford to take more of a beating on this bike. I bought another bike that's newer and in like condition therefore the reason for the sale.
  8. I have a 2000 KX 250 up for sale that is in super condition, has new top and bottem end, wheel bearings, etc. I have it listed in the local trader that usually sells stuff quickly for more than 5 weeks now and only 1 bite and he didn't buy. Listed at $1950:crazy:
  9. MRSRacing

    ride friday 22nd

    May be able to be there late afternoon 4:30-5:00. Have to wait and see what happens.
  10. MRSRacing

    Enoree phone message updated

    As of 7'ish this morning it's going to be another 2-3 weeks. I'm so sick and tired of Enoree that I'm not sure I'll ride there when they do open. Well wait a minute maybe not that sick but come on man.
  11. MRSRacing

    Enoree Message

  12. MRSRacing

    Enoree phone message updated

    This has really been a screwed up mess for everyone. This really puts a damper on everyones outlook of our trail systems, etc. I heard rumor that once the parking lot is finish they still need to do trail maint. before they can open. Wouldn't you think while everyone was delayed waiting on "contractors" they could have gotten the trail ready or had a work day on a weekend so that we could assure that everything was ready. Come on guys this is hawg wash.....
  13. MRSRacing

    Christian Riders in Greenville, SC area???

    I don't know about the 19th but would certainly be interested in future rides.
  14. MRSRacing

    Moving to greenville SC

    You couldn't be moving to a better area. I lived there for 8 yrs and moved away for 3 and moving back there as soon as my house sales never to leave again. Great great place! I have a 2000 KX 250 with new bottom and top end, bearings, sprockets, chain, bars, etc. for $2000 if you are interested.
  15. MRSRacing

    Yamaha PW80

    I'm looking at doing the same hopefully not the clapped out part though. How old is your kids and is this there first bike? I'd be interested to know how you like the pW. Thanks!