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    riding and hunting, also love to paint bikes and cars
  1. 05dr650

    Kx500 for hare scrambles

    I will look into it. I remember my last 500 was a bit of a brute to kick. I was thinking a recluse clutch but not sure if they make one.
  2. 05dr650

    Kx500 for hare scrambles

    Hello all. I am thinking of picking up a nice looking and running 98 KX 500 for some hare scramble events. If you could change three things to make the bike better what would they be and why? I'm thinking suspension valving, larger tank and a skid plate. Any advice is much appreciated
  3. Hello all. I have a 2007 KX250 that bogs of the bottom and struggles to idle at times. Now the obvious problem of the carb being plugged / dirty is not the problem. It is clean and free of all junk. The mid range and top end run perfect and the bike starts easily. I am just sort of wondering if the pilot is too big? just wondering if this is a common problem. I have not owned the bike long but I do know the owner and that this has been a problem from 2007. He has tried bigger jets and smaller jets and nothing helped there. So I am wondering what other issues it may be. Just asking for any help from you all. Thanks and take it easy.
  4. 05dr650

    '15 YZ250f vs. '15 KX250f

    Yamaha reliability is legendary. Im sure kawasaki is good to but yamaha has a great reputation.
  5. 05dr650

    2012 kawasaki kx250f idles high

    I will try that. Thanks
  6. 05dr650

    2011 kx250f wont idle normal

    Hello all. I am working on my friends bike. It is a 2011 kx250f. It starts good then idles high, then if you put it in first gear the and slowly let the clutch out to drag the motor down, it dies. Also if your riding it around it idles high all the time. And when you give it full throttle from an idle position it hesitates and then revs up. it honestly feels like a carb model when the carb was dirty. But with it being EFI I dont know what it can be. Any help or two cents would be great. thanks
  7. 05dr650

    1989 honda cr 500 worth a gamble ?

    I would! wicked powerful motor. If it runs well do it.
  8. Just trying to do the fork seals in my 97 RM250 and was wondering if there is an online manual that could help me through? Thanks all
  9. 05dr650

    Any street legal CR500's out there?

    That is a wicked cool bike!!! Ya I'm in western Canada and the laws are not as tough as other places. I have a old MT250 frame that I'm thinking I might take the serial number from that and use it on the 500 frame.
  10. Just thinking I may attempt this on a 86 CR500. Just wondering if anybody out there has done this?
  11. I'm have been presented an opportunity to buy a 2001 CR500 rolling chassis and have a live on a 87 CR500 bike. I'm trying to create a bad ass endurance racer. I'm just wondering if the older motors are that much different than the newer models for bolting in. I'm sure there not the same but how drastic are the changes? If you have done this before let me know. Thank you all
  12. 05dr650

    Opinions on DR600

    Hello all. I have an opportunity to buy a very nice low mile DR 600. Just wondering if there a decent bike? It's either this bike or a Honda XL600 but the dual carb set up on that bike is a little freaky. Thanks everybody
  13. Hello all. I just picked up a rough 1974 Honda mt250. I have not seen many of the honda enduro 2 strokes before. Just wondering if it is worth the time and money to bring it back?
  14. 05dr650

    YZ450F 2007 Service manual.

    Could you send me one? goforbroke32@gmail.com Thanks
  15. 05dr650

    Online manual ?

    Just wondering if there is an online service repair? My bike is an 2007 450. Thanks all